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New athletic director Zach Bailey Jr. will oversee 18 athletic programs at the Maui Preparatory Academy.

NAPILI – The quality educational experience at the Maui Preparatory Academy continues to thrive as the independent learning center located at the foot of the hills above Napili expands its administrative staff to better serve its enrollments.

School principal Dr Miguel Solis recently announced the realignment which will focus Keenan Reader’s attention on the college advisor position he has held as well as the athletic director role of Maui Prep.

He cedes AD responsibilities to Zach Bailey Jr., who arrived on campus as a physical education teacher and coach of basketball and track and field.

“Part of a small private school, many of us Maui Prep ‘alumni’ wore many different hats and held many roles at the same time. Now that enrollment has increased and our facilities have grown, it has become important to expand roles within the three pillars of Maui Prep, namely college preparatory training: academics, athletics and academics. scenic arts “. Reader explained last week.

“College counseling is an essential part of our program. I was open to serving the Maui Prep community either way, but was asked to remain in the role of college counselor. I have a passion for helping children set goals for their future and guiding them through the college process. It is rewarding work and I am delighted to be able to focus more on this role. “

New athletic director Bailey arrived here in 2019 and made an immediate positive impact at Maui Prep as a physical education teacher, basketball and track coach, and now as the supervisor of the 18 athletic programs of school.

He inherits the position with credentials as a basketball coach and teacher after an excellent playing career in high school and college. He was an all-state pick in his high school season, then graduated from Division I Tennessee Tech University after being voted the team’s outstanding defensive player for four consecutive seasons.

Based on Reader and Bailey’s sympathetic relationship, the transition should be a smooth one for these dedicated educators.

“We have seen incredible growth in our athletic program under my tenure and frankly it has not been completely finished. There is more work that I wanted to see through, and I will be looking forward to doing that supporting Coach Bailey in this role.

“I couldn’t be more excited – if there’s someone to pass it on I’m glad it’s Coach Bailey,” Reader continued. “He enters our community with great energy. We share a vision for Maui Prep athletics so I know he will be able to pick up where I left off and continue to develop our programs to a competitive level while keeping academics and our mission of readiness. university in the foreground. I will also come back to do some coaching. It has always been a passion of mine, so I will always be there.

For Coach Bailey it will be tough, but that’s what he’s had to deal with for most of his life, so he feels confident in the new job.

“I know it will be difficult at first, but he was very instrumental and very kind in helping me,” Bailey said of his relationship with Reader.

“He’s already given me some advice – you know, things I need to take care of right now, and I’m definitely going to go see him and ask him if he has a suggestion here or ‘what should I do here.” ? ‘ I know I can go see him.

“It only requires greatness, and for that I am happy to pass it on because I know it will share my vision to take it to the next level and continue our growth in the Maui Interscholastic League,” Reader concluded.

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