Where to repair your bike in Prague with services in English

Sometimes it is necessary to visit a bicycle service and there are a lot of them in Prague. We strongly recommend if you are an avid cyclist to do this before and after the season.

Spring Bike Services will make sure all components are in good condition, they will inspect tires, chain, brake pads and other parts for wear to ensure your bike is ready for the season and that you won’t have any unexpected surprises when planning your weekend or other cycling-related activities.

After the season, they’ll make sure all your bearings are greased, your brakes are bled, you fill the tires with sealant, and the bike is in good shape to keep riding in the winter or wait out the days. hotter.

There are some things you can do yourself to extend the life of your components.

First of all, it is necessary to maintain the transmission in good condition. Cleaning the chain, wiping it down after every ride, especially after a muddy ride is a good start.

In Czech there is a saying: “cleanliness is half of health” and the same can be said about bicycles. Keeping your bike clean will help you get the most out of it.

Here and there you will have to go to a bike shop anyway. In the event of a bike part breakdown, annual service, upgrade, or when buying a new bike, it’s important to go to a place where they can understand your needs.

We have some tips for bike shops with English-speaking staff.

If you need to service your bike or get a vintage bike, you can try Pavé Cycles in Žižkov, it’s a small independent bike shop, servicing all kinds of bikes, with a great offer of restored vintage bikes , Pavé Cycles also organizes regular bike rides and bike tours.

Another small shop located in Letná is Koa, this shop focuses more on performance, you can get a bike done by one of the best bike fitters in Prague, or you can join their performance-oriented training programs. cycling, swimming and fitness in general.

If you need a new bike, Sterba Kola is a traditional shop run by cycling enthusiasts with great bike deals.

Photo: Pavé Cycles

About me

I’m a lifelong cyclist who runs a small independent bike shop in Žižkov in Prague. My riding skills range from MTB to BMX. I lived for several years in one of the European cycling capitals, Copenhagen. With my friend I tried to cycle from Europe to Japan and had to stop because of the pandemics.

These two months on a bike allowed me to understand bike-packing. If you are new to cycling, looking for cycling partners or need anything cycling related, you can text me or stop by my shop. Cobblestone cycles for a coffee or a public bike ride.

Photo: Pavé Cycles

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