where are the few Ferraris involved in Lord Brocket’s insurance fraud?


Later that year Lord Brocket bought it for his growing collection which now numbered over 50 cars, then worth a cumulative £ 20million.

While on his own, Brocket modified the car by adding a plug on the hood and one on the shoulder of each rear fender. It also added cooling vents in the hood and behind the four wheels.

Only the chassis and engine of the 0138A were salvaged and in 1996 the car was obtained and rebuilt by Ferrari specialist DK Engineering.

In the absence of the original bodywork, a new Vignale competition-style ‘spyder’ shell was designed and fitted to the restored chassis.

The original engine, also numbered 0138, still exists but has a cracked cylinder head and is currently disassembled. The rebuilt car now has a 250 engine, number 1241GT.

The car, which is now valued at over $ 850,000, has strangely increased in value due to its connection to Lord Brocket.

It was last seen at a Concours d’Elegance in Suzuka, with its Japanese owner.

Historical file: 1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT Coupe S2, chassis number 0421GT

In 1980, Brocket became the sixth owner of a 1955 gray and silver Ferrari 250 Europa GT, chassis number 0421GT, based on the desirable 250 Mille Miglia. The GT had a Pininfarina and Vignale bodywork and was fitted with a Colombo-designed 3.0-liter V12 engine.

28 of them were built and 0421GT was number 27 in the Maranello production line and in 1955 it was taken to Holland by Simon Maasland, the Dutch importer of Ferrari, and sold in September of the same year to Nico Koel from Huizen, Holland. He changed hands several times before Lord Brocket bought the car in 1980.

Once pieces were salvaged, it was sold to Nico Koel’s son by DK Engineering and the restoration of the chassis and engine parts and the rebuild of the body were completed in 2002.

The car stays with Koel and is often seen at the Concours d’Elegance in Holland.

Historical file: 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter body 0024M Vignale Coupé, chassis number 0097S (0123S)

Lord Brocket’s 1950 195 Inter 0024M Vignale Coupé body, chassis number 0097S, already had an eventful life before it got it.

The car was a right-hand drive model, supplied new to Franco Cornachia in Milan, who sent it to Alfred Ducato in California via the Zumbuchs garage in New York.

One of only three 195 Sports in Touring, he is said to have raced at Silverstone and participated in an international RAC rally and Tour de France event. Another 195 Sport had won the 1950 Mille Miglia.

At some point before 1978 it was destroyed by fire and what remained of the chassis was purchased by John Baker of Cheltenham, who fitted the bodywork with another Vignale Coupé.

Its chassis was shortened and the car was fitted with an engine from another 195 Inter, number 0087S

When Lord Brocket bought it in 1992, it was believed to be an unfinished and shabby project, having allegedly been found languishing in an avocado plantation in the United States.

He is shown restoring the car, “fixing” the chassis and displaying it at both Louis Vuitton and Goodwood competitions in June 1993, the latter winning him the “Best in Show” award.

In 1994 it was auctioned off at Christie’s for an estimated £ 65,000 to £ 85,000 and after passing through several German and Danish hands it has remained with its American owner since 1997.

Historical file: 1960 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage, chassis number 2456

The dark red Tipo 61 bird cage that Lord Brocket owned was once raced at Laguna Seca and other circuits in America by its first and second owners, Jack Hinkle and George Koehne.

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