What happened to IPL 2022 auctioneer Hugh Edmeades: Hugh Edmeades collapses during Wanidu Hasaranga’s IPL bid

Hugh Edmeades collapses: The famed Indian Premier League auctioneer has faced a medical emergency in Bangalore.

During the first day of the 2022 Indian Premier League auction in Bengaluru, illustrious auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapsed while conducting the auction. This shocking development brought the auction process to a halt.

It all happened when the third round of players was in contention. Sri Lankan all-rounder Wanidu Hasaranga was about to cross the 10 crore mark when the Edmeades crashed from the stage to fall to the ground.

The owners seated in front of the stage were all shocked as some of them sought immediate medical attention regarding Edmeades.

The English auctioneer never looked uncomfortable at the auction today. It was in the midst of an intense bidding war between the Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore over Hasaranga that Edmeades fell from the stage.

Just when it was sincerely hoped for Edmeades’ well-being, reports from the hall indicate that Edmeades is doing well with no internal issues. Readers should note that a one-hour lunch break was taken in the meantime.

Hugh Edmeades collapses during Wanidu Hasaranga’s IPL bid

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