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It was full steam ahead in Westbury on Saturday for Pearn’s Steam World November long weekend, Steam Up! Festival. Tasmanian steam locomotives, train rides, bullet-making demonstrations, vintage tractors, craft and plant stalls and a sizzle of sausages provided activities and sights for families on the first day. The event features the museum’s restored steam engines, along with other engines and tractors brought in for the three days. Ruth Paterson, descendant of the Pearn family, said it was a great tradition with many historic tractors and engines on display, such as an impressive green Aveling steam tractor. “It was built in Kent, England and had a $ 200,000 restoration and Michael who did the job, is very skilled and did a terrific job,” Ms. Paterson said. “There is a free train ride for the kids they love. READ MORE: Waitlists for elective surgery are reduced, but there is still work to be done ‘more like that and learning a little more about what trains were. They love it. “Among the steam engines were an array of vintage cars, charity stalls and funfair organs. Ms Paterson said the event was a celebration of all things steam and the history that made it. once part of everyday life in Tasmania. “The Pearn Steam World collection was put together by the three Pearn brothers, of whom John is my father,” Ms. Paterson said. was it, diesel was not really in fashion. “In the 1950s a lot of these engines were being sold for scrap and the brothers decided to get one of every engine that worked in Tasmania. “They ended up with the biggest private collection and in the 1980s and when they retired they didn’t want their collection dispersed so they started Pearn’s. “We raised money to build these sheds and in 2001 they donated it to a community in trust. ” Over the years. we have gradually expanded and updated we now have a section for women which shows the history of women and the role they played in farming here in Tasmania and presents the story of four generations of my family . “Steam Up! Ends Monday. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News: The Examiner



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