Vintage metro cars take their last turns before retirement | Lifestyles

NEW YORK (AP) – A class of vintage subway cars are pulled from the New York subway system after one final hurray.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it will run an R-32 car train on Sunday and for the next three Sundays.

The cars, nicknamed the Brightliners, date back to the mid-1960s and were the first large fleet of mass-produced stainless steel cars purchased by the MTA. They are also the last class of subway cars with a front window that passengers can view, and they have been seen in numerous films, including “Spiderman: Homecoming” and “Joker”.

Many were decommissioned from the late 2000s, and most were sunk in the Atlantic Ocean as part of an artificial reef program, according to the MTA.

The first three Sundays, the train will run on lines D and F between 145th Street and Second Avenue stations. On Sunday January 9, the train will run between Brighton Beach and 96th Street on the Q line, following its original 1964 route.

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