Vintage Dutch Bike | bike hub

Sleek and stylish vintage Dutch commuter bike in Jaguar Green. Perfect for a Seapoint cycle ride or for a vintage shopping spree in Obs Lower Main. Imagine yourself with your sunglasses on, going a little faster than comfortable on Kloof Street, doggo in the front basket and your picnic stuff on that rear shelf above the wheel. You’re shielded from the Thursday night residue of Tigers Milk by the loud mudguards, and can alert pesky cars and slow-moving pedestrians to your presence with the dynamo-powered front and rear lights (that’s right – batteries belong past tense with this vintage bike: you power the headlights with your pedals, baby). Your Blondies friends are commenting on how awesome your bike is. You reply, “that old thing? I got it on bikehub.” (not a paid promotion) You’re not doing business as usual – that’s why you appreciate the fact that your bike has an internal gear system, coaster brakes AND hand brakes, all of which are from good things because (insert reason here). It’s vintage, but in this kind of corduroy jacket – which is exactly why it’s the perfect look for your bike right now.

The current owner (who writes in the third person) can vouch for its ideal condition – well running with a hint of history. They had an ambitious Christmas wish to get into cycling, but later realized it wasn’t really their thing. It currently sits in their 5th floor apartment (adjacent to the mid-century table and chairs), loaded with potential and eagerly awaiting a new owner to enjoy its freedom, storage capacity and likeness to an old Jag.

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