Vintage car race to stop in Duluth overnight – Duluth News Tribune

DULUTH – Bayfront Park is set to be filled with vintage cars as the drivers of the 2022 Hemmings Motor News Big Race, presented by Hagerty Drivers Club, pull into Friday night, according to a press release from organizers of the race. Visitors are welcome to view classic cars and tour participants driving in this vintage car rally race.

“We are thrilled to bring this unique event to Duluth for the very first time,” said Race Director Jeff Stumb. “This will also be the first time the event has been held at Lake Superior.”

Unlike most races, this nine-day, 2,300-mile adventure spans 19 cities, from Warwick, Rhode Island, to Fargo, North Dakota, and it’s not all about speed. It’s a time/speed/distance rally, which means drivers and navigators are given precise instructions each day of the trip and are scored at secret checkpoints along the way and penalized one second for every second lost. early or late arrival. Just like golf, the score closest to par or the time prescribed by the rally master wins.

This 1937 Lagonda LG6, one of less than 100 ever built, is one of 130 cars taking part in the Great Race.

Contributed / The Great Race

The teams are made up of two people, a pilot and a navigator. The driver must keep the car at a steady pace, using a special speedometer that precisely measures speed, while the navigator deciphers cryptic instructions to get them from each day’s starting point to the finish line. ‘arrival. The navigator is also responsible for making the necessary calculations to catch up with time, due to unforeseen stops and delays.

Drivers are also given a special scoring handicap for driving older cars, known as the “age factor”. Because it is more difficult to compete in an older vehicle, they receive a score multiplier to compensate for the difficulties that come with the car.

About 130 cars ranging from 1916 to 1974 are registered for this race. The cars vary from a 1966 Aston Martin DB6 MK1, a 1937 Lagonda LG6, a 1970 Chevelle SS, a 1931 Phaeton and a 1974 Plymouth, which is an exact replica of the “Bluesmobile” from “The Blues Brothers “.

The course of the race changes every year. It’s the first time they’ve stopped in Duluth in the 39 years the race has been running. It is based on a 1908 race from New York to Paris. The race takes its name from a 1965 film called “The Great Race”. Drivers are vying for the $50,000 cut of the $150,000 purse.

A 1932 Ford Coupe sits in a parking lot.
Olivia and Genna Gentry won the 2021 Great Race in this 1932 Ford couple. This sister team is back in the 2022 race, which will make an overnight stop in Duluth on Friday.

Contributed / The Great Race

The sister team of Olivia and Genna Gentry of Newnan, Georgia hopes to defend their title from the 2021 event. The sisters were the first all-female team to win the race at 20 and 18 and won with a score of just 41.31 seconds on the perfect time behind the wheel of a 1932 Ford.

The first car is expected to enter Bayfront Festival Park around 5:15 p.m. with other cars expected to filter in a few minutes later as each driver leaves each stop at one-minute intervals. The next morning, the runners will fly to Fargo, the last leg of the race.

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