Triumph presents eight Bonneville Gold Line editions for 2022


Triumph has some exciting news for any rider who like Auric Goldfinger loves alone gold. Remember the 2022 Street Twin Gold Line Limited Edition? In February 2021, Triumph announced that only 1,000 units of this very special bike would be produced. Each would feature a hand painted gold stripe and vintage Triumph logo.

Not surprisingly, Triumph sold each of these 1,000 bikes. This is why, on October 26, 2021, Triumph announced not one, not two, but eight new Bonneville Gold Line editions. Now there is no number limit on the number of each model that will be produced. Instead, there is a time limit. Triumph says it produces these special Gold Line Bonnies for only one year, and when that year is over, they are over.

All eight bikes feature all of the latest technical updates to the Bonneville range, but each model has its own special colourway, in addition to the Gold Line treatment. In most cases, this is a two-tone colourway, as Triumph says its customers have requested brighter colors. Six of the bikes also have color-matched accessory screens available to match their Gold Line color schemes. Only the two Scramblers are excluded from having this particular accessory as an option.

Here is a list of the eight Gold Line Bonneville Special Edition bikes and their respective colors:

  • Bonneville T100 Gold Line Edition – Silver Ice and Competition Green
  • Street Scrambler Gold Line Edition – Matt Pacific Blue, Graphite and Matt Jet Black
  • Bonneville Speedmaster Gold Line Edition – Silver Ice with Sapphire Black
  • Bonneville Bobber Gold Line Edition – Carnival Red and Sapphire Black
  • Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition – Silver Ice with Competition Green
  • Bonneville T120 Black Gold Line Edition – Matt Sapphire Black with Matt Silver Ice
  • Scrambler 1200 XC Gold Line Edition – carnival red, storm gray, silver aluminum stripes and jet black
  • Scrambler 1200 XE Gold Line Edition – Baja Orange, Silver Ice, Pure White Stripe and Jet Black

As with previous Street Twins Gold Line Edition, Triumph pinstripe artists (of which there are only a handful in the world) will sign each bike with their initials, neatly hidden under the tank or saddle (varies according to the model).

In the United States, the prices are as follows:

  • Bonneville Bobber Gold Line Edition: from $ 14,200
  • Bonneville Speedmaster Gold Line Edition: from $ 14,200
  • Street Scrambler Gold Line: from $ 11,950
  • Bonneville T100 Gold Line: from $ 11,450
  • Bonneville T120 Black Gold Line: from $ 13,100
  • Bonneville T120 Gold Line: from $ 13,100
  • Scrambler 1200 XE Gold Line: from $ 16,500
  • Scrambler 1200 XC Gold Line: from $ 15,100

If you are elsewhere in the world, prices and availability vary by region, so your best bet is to speak to your local Triumph Motorcycles dealer to find out the specifics of your region.

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