The report shows that the old Lutheran Trinity Church violates state and city ordinances; Profit Continues Cleanup Efforts | Local News


“The building had a fire in October 2018, which was enough for the building to be closed for use,” the report said.

Donaldson noted that the property remains “easily accessible” and is not surrounded by a fence, and that a project schedule has not been provided to neighbors.

The city, said Donaldson, has decided to “forgo the application of the reduction of many violations against the current owner based on the success of past projects.”

“… It is the city’s duty to act,” said Donaldson. “And if there is a death or injury due to the condition of the property, the city is complicit in its failure to insist on the reduction.”

She later added, “Continuing this every two weeks, with no progress or any set time frame, is not beneficial to this community, the city or the neighbors.”

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‘A long way to go’

Dave Bryan, vice president of the 1886 Church Foundation Corp., the nonprofit that owns the church, told The Times that four volunteers have worked at the church “almost every day” for the past two years. weeks.

Bryan, in an email to Kutanovski on Tuesday, detailed the progress made at the former place of worship.

A copy of the email provided to The Times shows that in the past two weeks 112 tons of scrap and steel have been removed from the church, school and parking lot; the old Crown Point sign has been removed; and old fences, nine trees, 17 railway ties, eight trucks full of garbage and rotten wood thrown away.

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