The moment bride stranded on the A55 near Chester on her way to her wedding was rescued by police


This is the moment a stranded bride was rescued by police after she broke down on a busy two-lane road on her way to her wedding.

Lydia Evans-Hughes, 29, was taken to St Mary’s Church in Eccleston by a kind-hearted officer after the vintage car she was traveling in broke down on the side of the A55 near Chester.

She was visiting the site with her parents Yvette and Alan Fletcher when the classic engine stopped on Friday August 27.

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But the bride’s rash was spared when traffic cops arrived at the scene and Inspector Matt Geddes made sure she made it to church on time.

Lydia and her partner Tidur Evans-Hughes, 31, were then able to say ‘yes’ in front of family and friends.

Lydia, from Wrexham, said: “I was staying at the reception venue the night before.

“But when the car pulled away from there it was fine for the first five miles and then it died.

“I was afraid I would have to climb the crash barrier and stand on the side of the road.

“They saw it was a wedding car and gave us a lift. It was the first time of the day that I had tears of relief.”

Lydia Evans-Hughes with Inspector Matt Geddes of the North Wales Police on her wedding day.

The bride’s transport had left Soughton Hall, near Mold in Flintshire, and was going down the A55 to the church when it broke down.

Inspector Geddes then arrived to give the wedding a boost and donned his bruises and two to make a more dramatic entrance.

Lydia added: “He asked how much we wanted to make an entry and my dad said a big one so he put on the blues and both.

“Because of how quickly everything happened and how quickly they arrived, I wasn’t late at all – you couldn’t have planned better.

“I’m just incredibly happy. Overall it went really well.”

Lydia Evans-Hughes with her husband Tidur on their wedding day.

The happy couple had already seen their marriage delayed twice due to the Covid pandemic and hoped it would be the lucky third time.

Lydia added: “We were supposed to get married in June of last year but it was delayed because of Covid, then in May of this year but it was also pushed back.

“The fact that we finally got through our day and that everyone was able to be there is just priceless. It was such a beautiful ending.

“The most incredible and sincere thank you to the police. Without them what would we have done?”

Lydia Evans-Hughes with usband Tidur on their wedding day.

Civil servant Lydia and plumber and heating engineer Tidur got engaged in November 2018 after a six-year romance.

Lydia added: “I hope the sailing will go smoothly now and we can settle down and enjoy life as a couple.”

North Wales Police Inspector Geddes said: “I was happy to have been of service.

“The slightly unusual finish brought about a few smiles following what must have been a stressful situation, being stuck on a busy A55 is not pleasant at the best of times.

“The bride was gorgeous, the sun was shining and she was just a little late. I hope the couple have a wonderful day and a long, happy life together.”

Police also posted an article about the incident on Twitter, including a photo showing the motorcade stranded by the side of the road.

Traffic Wales wrote: “The course of true love has never been smooth.

“Our traffic officers arrived on the scene this afternoon to help a bride in a broken down vehicle!

“We removed the vehicle while @NWPolice took it to the ceremony. I wish all the best to the bride and groom!

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