The country’s oldest London-made fire tender will be deployed in the R-day parade | Lucknow News

Lucknow: One of the country’s oldest firefighters, made by Merryweather & Sons Limited, London, is set to take part in the Republic Day parade again in the state capital. The firefighter led dozens of vintage rallies and saluted several ministers and governors-in-chief.
Lucknow Fire Chief Vijay Kumar Singh said: ‘It is the pride of the firefighters and will be taking part in the Republic Day Parade again.
“Manufactured in 1911, records show that Merryweather was brought into the town by Lucknow Town Council, however, in 1944 when the fire services became a separate department, it was transferred to the fire services of Lucknow UP. Since then, it has been a prized possession of the Chowk Fire Station,” Singh said.
The fire engine tender was actively used until 1965, then in the 1980s it began to appear in rallies and parades of vintage cars. “A model of the same brand is in the Delhi Railway Museum. Our Merryweather, however, is still operational,” he added proudly. On Republic Day, the Vintage Fire Service would be deployed by Sub-Inspector Iqbal Ahmad from Chowk to Bapu Bhawan from where it would join the parade to Atal Chowk.
Iqbal, who has driven the vehicle since 2009, looked excited when TOI asked him how it felt driving one of the country’s oldest firefighters, and gushed: “My heart swells with pride when I’m on the Merry wheels, but it’s not easy to drive. It has a gas pedal between the clutch and the brake unlike the modern cars we drive, while the gearing is also a different type,” did he declare.
We have to be very careful driving it because its spare parts are not available at the moment, fortunately its engine is still powerful. “It consumes two liters of gasoline while traveling one kilometer and reaches a speed of 50-60 km per hour,” Iqbal said.

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