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A week can be a long time in agriculture. Here’s what’s important right now, which you might have missed.

State responds to last-minute cancellation of Ekka

Under normal circumstances, the state would currently be halfway through the Royal Queensland Show, but sadly, within days of its opening, the event was forced to be canceled by a COVID-19 outbreak in Brisbane.

With the stock already on the road there was a flurry of activity to meet the new demands and sort out what would happen with a number of competitions.

The Showgirl Awards and Rural Ambassador programs have both been postponed, while the Young Auctioneer competition is expected to be held at a regional venue later this year.

There were still a few contests that could take place, albeit at a different location, with a winner announced for the first stock as well as back-to-back victories in the carcass contest.

If you’re still missing your Ekka fix, check out these photos from the 2017 event.

Robust machines attract a high price

While Landcruisers are generally considered to be quite useful vehicles and hold their value quite well, this one has only grown in value.

Although it is almost 40 years old, a few modifications allowed it to go on sale for a list of $ 200,000.

It’s not the only vintage vehicle to generate some interest, with a collection of rare vintage machines – accumulated over 75 years – which will be auctioned off in the coming weeks.

Farmers mobilize to support local products

Farmer co-operatives have grown in popularity over the years as more and more farmers embrace the paddock-to-plate concept to maximize the value accruing to their bottom line.

An innovative group of farmers in the southeastern state are joining together to form their own cooperative, which expands the supply of products they can provide directly to consumers at home.

So far, they have handled the monthly deliveries to Toowoomba and Brisbane, but intend to increase their deliveries and customers in the coming months.

Police seek information on animal cruelty

The search is on to find the person (s) responsible for shooting over 35 horses near Longreach.

A police officer investigating the crime described the scene as one of the worst he has seen in his nearly 30 years on the job.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact CrimeStoppers on 1-800-333,000.

Land prices rise as farm assets become worthwhile

Although COVID is believed to have an impact on the overall economy, agriculture is an area that continues to advance.

There has long been a lot of investor interest in agriculture, but it has increased a notch in recent months as agriculture continues to prove its worth, supported by low interest rates, values high raw materials and an improved season in much of Australia.

In Queensland, there have been a few major opportunities for this investment over the past week, including the fairly unique chance to get their hands on Australia’s only Achacha orchard, while strong demand has made sell certain properties before being put up for auction.

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