State Wants 20-Year-Old Pvt Vehicles Scrapped | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The Bengal Transport Department has proposed phasing out private vehicles over 20 years old in Kolkata and Howrah in a bid to clean up air quality in the two cities. The proposal was taken to the National Green Tribunal.
This is the first time that a state has set an age for the complete elimination of private vehicles. In 2008, the Kolkata High Court had banned commercial vehicles over 15 years old in Kolkata. Elsewhere in the country, the Supreme Court in 2018 banned the circulation of 15-year-old gasoline vehicles and 10-year-old diesel vehicles of any description in the National Capital Region of Delhi.
A study by the transport department revealed that Kolkata and Howrah have a large number of old cars which are still in use and most of them pre-date the year 2000 when emission standards were introduced. At present, both cities only allow registration of vehicles that meet BS-VI emission standards.
“Currently, all vehicles are validly registered for 15 years. After that, all (private) vehicles other than transport are supposed to undergo fitness tests to get their registration renewed for five years,” a senior official said. transports.
“Citizens of Kolkata and Howrah must surrender original vehicle registration papers within three months if in possession of vehicles of any description over 20 years old, except those registered as classic or vintage cars under the law. Such vehicles will then be scrapped and deregistered. If any vehicle is found to be in circulation illegally, it will be seized, deregistered and scrapped,” the report submitted to the NGT bench of the Judge B Amit Shalekar (judicial member) and Saibal Dasgupta (expert member) Vehicles over 20 years old that continue to drive even three months after being notified of their ban will be heavily fined, the report said.
The report concerns a petition filed by green activist Subhas Datta on the need for urgent action to reduce air pollution in Kolkata and Howrah.
The national vehicle scrapping policy announced in August last year has made keeping vehicles for more than 15 years a costly affair, as the cost of renewing the certificate of fitness can increase eightfold for private vehicles. In addition, states will impose a green tax in addition to the road tax.
The Department of Transport has offered to identify all vehicles reaching 15 years of age and notify them to appear before the RTOs to undertake mandatory fitness tests at the automated fitness test stations in Behala and Nilganj. “If they pass, they can get a five-year life extension. If they fail, they will be scrapped,” an officer said.

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