South Lakeland District Council Licensing Regulatory Subcommittee urged to reconsider private vehicle license


A COMMITTEE will meet on Monday to decide whether or not to grant a previously rejected application for a private rental vehicle license.

The South Lakeland District Council’s Licensing Regulatory Subcommittee has been asked to reconsider an application by Michael Heaps of Vintage Lakeland Tours to register a 1928 Austin 12/4 Windsor sedan as a private rental vehicle.

According to council documents, the application has already been reviewed by the licensing regulatory subcommittee on June 21, 2021.

And the request was refused on the grounds that the subcommittee was not convinced that the issuance of the license would be safe, firstly due to the absence of seat belts in the vehicle for the passengers, which was considered a “safety risk” for passengers and, moreover, the applicant “had not sufficiently taken into account the child passengers and the arrangements made for their safety”, secondly the absence of a test report brake, thirdly the absence of hazard lights and the subcommittee noted the absence of an up-to-date V5.

Mr Heaps then appealed the decision to Barrow Magistrates’ Court, citing two procedural points and a third point, arguing that his vehicle predated legislation which controlled the installation and wearing of seat belts and hazard lights and was exempt from the requirements of subsequent legislation.

Mr. Heaps’ website states that the maximum speed of the vehicle would be around 35 mph and, according to the website terms and conditions, Mr. Heaps states that: “Due to its age, the vehicle is not equipped with seat belts, passengers under 16 must travel in the back with a responsible adult.

Further, Mr Heaps proposed that the subcommittee add additional conditions to his vehicle license if members were willing to grant the license, including that the vehicle should not be used for standard private rental trips, children under three years old cannot be carried in the vehicle and children over three years old must be carried in the back of the vehicle.

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