Shepherd’s vintage caboose receives restoration work – The Morning Sun

Restoration work at Shepherd was recently completed on the Ann Arbor Railroad caboose.

The Ann Arbor Railroad caboose is part of the Shepherd’s Railroad Depot Museum located on West Wright Avenue. The caboose originally received in the 1950s.

The caboose maintainers had tried to hand paint the train part on their own, but then opted to seek the restoration services of someone with more experience in part restoration of train as the caboose.

After Shepherd’s representatives talked to various professional painters about the job, Jeff Conner was chosen for the job. Conner works with the painting of wagons and military equipment and has provided services for railroad and military museums, artifacts and signage, among others.

“He painted cars all over the place and he worked for two and a half weeks on the Ann Arbor Railroad caboose,” said Steve Davidson, a representative for Shepherd. “He did the sanding, scraping, priming and painting, and it went really well.”

The project cost approximately $9,500, and donations for the project came from the Shepherd Railroad Museum Association Depository Committee and the Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association.

The exterior of the caboose can be viewed by anyone at the Railroad Depot Museum, although the interior of the caboose can also be viewed by attendees when the museum is open.

For more information, visit, or the Village of Shepherd’s Facebook page.

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