Rules for old ready vehicles: No commercial use, special license plate


INDIA will finally have rules governing old vehicles – those over 50 years old – isolated from the vehicle scrapping policy.

The Ministry of Justice has approved the final draft of the policy governing vintage cars, which will now be notified by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. This comes after extensive deliberations with all stakeholders on public commentary over the past year.

Classics cannot be used regularly like other vehicles, and owners cannot use them commercially either. Other than that, owners are free to indulge their passion for classics in the usual way.

All older vehicles will need to display a special license plate, depending on the final draft.

The provision to create vintage motor vehicle committees at the level of states and Union territories to govern the use of such vehicles and other such clauses, which were part of the earlier draft, have been deleted, sources said.

Currently, there are no rules governing the registration process for vehicles with heritage value. It is proposed to insert these rules as sub-rules 81A, 81B, 81C, 81D, 81E, 81F, 81G in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

“They are not like cars driving on the roads. They are maintained by collectors and owners as a passion and hobby. The policy will reflect this and India will finally have an ecosystem that will define and map vintage cars, ”a senior government official said.

Last year, various associations of vintage car enthusiasts petitioned the government about the proposed restrictions on vehicle ownership and use. The argument was that these were never used as regular cars and therefore should not be viewed through the same lens as other vehicles.

The draft rules published last November aimed to define vintage motor vehicles as all vehicles with two and four wheels (for non-commercial and personal use) and which are over 50 years old from the date of their first registration. . From now on, old vehicles should be registered on the centralized government portal for the registration of cars.

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