Restored 1970 Honda CB750 looks absolutely immaculate, offered without reservation


We’ve heard you love the classic CB750s, so we bet you’ll love this.

Bring A Trailer is a place where tanker dreams come true and well-maintained rides find a loving home. The online auction platform hosts countless auctions for two- and four-wheeled machines of all shapes and sizes, from vintage cars and budget bikes to custom masterpieces and restored classics. Take, for example, this reconditioned 1970 variant of Honda’s all-powerful CB750 lineup.

Not only does this timeless beauty look as fresh as it did when it came out of the factory, but it also contains a plethora of restored hardware that will ensure peak performance. After rebuilding his wheels, the current owner wrapped his rims with modern tires to ensure good grip on the tarmac. For a significant improvement in handling, this bad boy received a pair of premium shock absorbers at the rear, while its forks were completely refurbished.

The engine also received a complete overhaul, which involved drilling the cylinders, installing new pistons and rebuilding the Keihin carburetors. Plus, the powertrain easily exhales thanks to an aftermarket four-into-four exhaust system that manages to look absolutely crisp. As soon as everything was carefully repainted, the original saddle was replaced with a young alternative to eliminate any other signs of aging.

When new, the CB750’s air-cooled 736cc inline-four was good for up to 67 hp and 44 lb-ft (60 Nm) of torque at optimum rpm. The crusher is mated to a five-speed transmission that channels its force to the 18-inch rear hoop via a chain final drive. Ultimately, this state of affairs allows the Honda superstar to cover the quarter mile in 13.5 seconds at 101 mph (162 km / h), while the top speed is generously rated at 123 mph (198 km / h).

The immaculate MY 70 samurai that we feature here is auctioned off without reservation until Friday, May 28. At the time of this article, the highest bid on this restored CB750 is $ 20,000. While it can’t exactly be described as cheap, we would say the bicycle that you see in these photos is totally worth every last penny.

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