Real-world fuel economy test

Tata recently launched its very first Tata Tiago and Tigor CNG vehicle in the market. The car has already started reaching dealerships and deliveries have already started and several presentation videos of the same are available online. The price of Tata Tiago iCNG starts at Rs 6.09 lakh, ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 7.52 lakh, ex-showroom. Compared to a regular gasoline car, cars with CNG have a lower running cost. What is the fuel consumption of the new Tiago iCNG? Here we have a video that shows exactly that.

The video was uploaded by DSD Cars on their YouTube channel. In this video vlogger takes the new Tata Tiago iCNG on a mileage test. Unlike tests we’ve done or seen in the past, vlogger took a different approach. He only filled 2 kilograms of gasoline in the car drove the car to find out the fuel efficiency. He did this because CNG is a gas and the pressure of this gas is different at different gas stations.

In this case, if he uses the full-tank-to-full-tank method, the amount of gasoline will be different each time. He took the car to a CNG gas station and asked the staff to fill in only 2 kilograms of gasoline. Before refueling, it showed that there was no CNG left in the cylinder and the CNG button on the center console was not activated either.

The car was only running in petrol mode and the CNG meter on the dashboard was flashing because there was no petrol. The vlogger fills up with gas and then the vlogger starts driving it. The vlogger reset the daily counter before starting the test. He filled up with gas at a gas station in town and he planned to drive in mixed conditions.

There was a lot of traffic on the road and the same can also be seen in the video. He encountered bumper-to-bumper traffic in many places. Even after filling 2 kilograms of CNG, Tiago’s CNG meter showed low fuel consumption, but the lights stopped flashing. He continues to drive the car in mixed driving conditions and slowly he started to appreciate the fuel economy.

The vlogger does not talk about the driving and comfort of the car. He does not mention whether he had turned on the heating during the trip or not. It is winter in North India and many people do not use air conditioning or heating in their cars during this time. The car was running pretty well and with 2 kilograms of gasoline the car managed to cover about 65.5 km according to the trip meter. Vlogger only stopped the test after the gas was completely out of the tank.

The car has traveled 65.5 km on kilograms of gasoline, which means the actual fuel economy of Tata Tiago iCNG is around 33 km per kilogram. That’s good especially when you compare it with gasoline prices. If the test was performed without AC or heating, real-world fuel economy would decrease slightly during summers when AC is used.

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