Radford’s first car will be a modern take on the classic Lotus Type 62


Radford’s first car is being developed in collaboration with Lotus Engineering and will be fully revealed later this year.

Radford, the body brand that was recently relaunched by former F1 champion Jenson Button, TV presenter and car maker Ant Anstead, car designer Mark Stubbs and lawyer Roger Behle, has announced its new partnership with Lotus Engineering.

The company’s new limited-edition model will be heavily modeled on the 1969 Lotus Type 62 and utilize “Lotus technology”, with Radford not revealing more details.

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“Our first Radford model will be something very special and very surprising, reminiscent of the lavish body-bodied Radford models of the past,” said Ant Anstead. “We are proud of the British heritage of these two companies, and I can’t think of a better partnership to bring Radford back with. I can’t wait to share the next one. “

“It will be really analog and very engaging, but with all the refinement you would expect from a Radford,” added Jenson Button. “He’ll drive like nothing else.” There is a purity of driving that is lost in many cars today. I’m going to make sure we create a driver’s car, a trait that’s embedded in the DNA of all Lotus cars. “

The new model could be based on a glued aluminum chassis like those used by the Exige and Evora. We know it will feature unique bodywork and a beautifully appointed interior tailor-made for Radford.

“A limited series of the most special drivable vehicles is engineering nirvana because it allows us to break free from the usual parameters of a more conventional project,” said Matt Windle, Managing Director of Lotus Cars. “Lotus Engineering has a long history of such special collaborations and I am sure this one will be recognized as one of the most unique and fantastic.”

Radford will unveil full details of its debut model later this year. The company will soon start accepting deposits with the process to be confirmed in the near future.

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