Porsche Boneyard discovered in American desert


There’s nothing revheads love more than a ‘barn find’: a forgotten vintage car that has been dormant for years and ripe for preservation. It’s the automotive equivalent of time capsules; even time machines.

Conversely, there is nothing we hate more than seeing a valuable car that has been totally wrecked – whether through vandalism, a traffic pin, or simply leaving them to rot in the elements. And it is the latter that we want to talk about today. A mad Californian car collector did the unthinkable by letting a fleet of rare Porsche 928s get lost in a field – a huge missed opportunity.

The story goes that a television producer, looking for scout locations for the popular HBO series Westworld, came across this strange collection of over a dozen of these beautiful German racing machines in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles. While he didn’t end up using this car graveyard for the show, the collection definitely gives off an apocalyptic vibe.

“A die [land]the owner’s friends have asked to store a few cars. And hardly ever came back… The guy who owns them is still there, but seems to have lost interest in fixing them… I was told he wouldn’t sell them, ”Rhodes said. Carscoops.

Imagine spending all that time and money collecting 928s and then letting them go to waste – without even trying to fix or sell them. It’s just madness. What, he’s trying to plant them to grow more? A Porsche plantation?

Even more from the ‘Porsche plantation’ collection. Image: Steve Rhodes

Produced from 1978 to 1995 and originally intended to replace the iconic 911 as Porsche’s flagship offering, the 928 has always had a mixed reputation. Unlike the 911, which was rear-engined and air-cooled, the 928 was front-engined and water-cooled, as well as Porsche’s very first production V8 model. It was hailed for its beauty and comfortable ride, but its emphasis on luxury and its deviation from the proven 911 formula led many purists to reject the 928.

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However, in recent years, car freaks have gained prominence for the 928, and grand touring prices have started to rise steadily – with impeccable examples demanding prices up to AU $ 100,000. This Californian collection contains everything from the first spoiler-less 4.5L cars to later models of the 5.0L S4: while the elements surely weren’t nice with the paint on these 928s, the dry Californian weather that ‘They have endured means that they are unlikely to be seriously affected by rust.

Anyway, they’re perfect candidates for the restaurant business… That’s why it’s so frustrating that this old bastard doesn’t sell these damn things.

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