Paul-Mayweather fights joke and justifies his decision to shoot the odds


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Paul-Mayweather fights joke and justifies his decision to shoot the odds

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The betting interest was there for Sunday’s exhibition boxing match featuring YouTube star Logan Paul and 15-time world champion Floyd Mayweather. One problem – bettors couldn’t actually bet on the fight at legal sports betting sites in the United States.

Now it’s clear why betting shops and state regulators didn’t want to join in on the action. Despite the massive hype generated by brothers Logan and Jake Paul via their social media prowess, the end result was a glorified sparring session.

There were no judges and no scoreboards and therefore, a winner could only be determined by knockout. This still left the scope for online sports betting to offer robust knockout accessory markets. Bookmaker FanDuel, which listed odds in Colorado a few weeks ago, removed it from the table as soon as the format was announced.

After eight three-minute rounds, the chorus of boos from fans at Miami’s nearly empty Hard Rock Stadium seemed to ask an existential question about the future of these types of celebrity show fights.

What are we doing here?

Miami fiasco calls future bets into question

Paul-Mayweather fights joke and justifies decision to shoot odds 1

The Paul brothers apparently think they’re just getting started in the fighting game, but nights like Sunday don’t bode well for future events, especially on the betting side.

The incentive for sports betting is huge considering the kind of treatment these high profile fights can generate. Floyd Mayweather’s 2017 game with UFC megastar Conor McGregor drew a record $ 65 million in Nevada sports betting alone.

But it was a professional fight with two extremely capable fighters who answered a long-standing question of how the best in the UFC would fare against the best boxers in the ring instead of the Octagon. These Paul brothers fights blur the lines between sports and entertainment, which is why even sports betting and states that offered legal prize-giving bets like the Oscars would not touch Sunday’s show.

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There were also integrity issues after a similar PPV show in April when Jake Paul TKO had UFC veteran Ben Askren, who didn’t appear to be in great shape and only lasted a minute, 10 seconds. Askren has earned over $ 500,000 for his services.

Mayweather reportedly received $ 10 million upfront along with 50% of PPV revenue. He also told TMZ he made nearly $ 30 million before the fight based on sponsorship deals alone.

Fight even without entertainment value

Paul-Mayweather fights joke and justifies decision to shoot odds 2

Whether Mayweather really gave 100% of the effort against Paul, who seemed to burn out after the first two rounds, is up for debate. Mayweather hit him with a few hard punches, but claimed he struggled with Paul’s stall tactics, which outweighed him by 35 pounds.

It felt more like a 44-year-old defensive fighter carrying his much less skilled opponent for eight rounds, being careful not to overdo it with the already insured paycheck.

Despite the usual hype train and the stipulation that the fight could end in a knockout, there didn’t seem to be any bad blood by the time this rehearsal festival finally ended.

With no legal outlet for boxing betting fans to bet and only the promise of a show, another question remains: where is the value of entertainment here?

Those who parted with $ 50 for the pay-per-view must have wondered what they got in return. There were no reversals, no memorable trades, no scorecards, and no reason to believe fans will be hungry for this type of event.

If the Paul brothers want to be combat sports showmen, they have to put on a good show. No one understands this better than Paul’s outspoken critic and UFC president Dana White.

UFC balances sport with spectacle

The UFC offers weekly fight cards, most of which are available for a monthly subscription of $ 5.99 to ESPN +. Saturday’s Fight Night featured 13 fights, including Golden Gloves boxing champions, karate black belts, esteemed freestyle wrestlers and Brazilian jiu-jitsu experts.

While diehard MMAs argue over the merits of his actions, White delves into showmanship by signing exciting fighters with compelling styles. It is understood that winning a winning decision via 15 minutes of wrestling is unlikely to be enough to land a contract on Dana White’s Contender series, a show that pits UFC hopes in the Octagon and awards spots for them. most exciting prospects.

The sport continues to experience massive growth in both audience and UFC betting handle, a sign that White’s disdain for “boring” fights – technically impressive from a wrestling perspective – is paying off.

Sunday’s show in Miami was neither exciting nor technically interesting. It’s as if the Paul brothers live in a never-ending illusion, able to fund their own imaginary experiments, like baseball fans spending big bucks to line up a few balls on the ground from Bucky Dent and other camp alumni. fantastic Yankees. .

Will sports betting offer odds on Paul-Woodley?

Paul-Mayweather fights joke and justifies decision to shoot the odds of 3

Jake Paul is already signed up to headline another Showtime PPV in July, this time fighting former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. The 39-year-old is a powerful puncher but, like Askren, has no experience in a professional boxing ring. The pre-fight vitriol is already underway, with each claiming to hate each other and promising a quick knockout.

Of course, the premise of a YouTuber versus a skilled pro and former champion looks intriguing on paper. The same could be said for Paul vs. Askren and Paul vs. Mayweather, and we know how it went.

It’s no surprise that legal sports betting has yet to release fight odds. While that may change depending on the format, Sunday’s Paul-Mayweather fight gave no certainty that these types of fights can continue as legitimate betting events.

It seems the only winners here are the Paul brothers and their hand-picked opponents, running away with seven-figure wages for a quick night’s work.

It’s hard to blame anyone who benefits. It’s also hard to see the public and sports betting continue to support these events unless they start to come up with something that is really worth watching.

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