Parrot-loving retiree ax threat on classic car owner’s engine fumes


A parrot-loving retiree threatened to bring an ax to his neighbor on the grounds that engine fumes from a classic car could harm his birds.

James Craig, 66, broke just three weeks after his new neighbors moved into his street.

Craig yelled at Keith Davidson, “I’m going to make your car with an ax, this will fix the problem.” Then I’ll take care of it.

He was fined after pleading guilty to abusive behavior at Braeside Cottages, Burnside of Duntrune.

Parrot problem

Dundee Sheriff Court learned how Mr Davidson decided to do work on his car which required keeping the engine running.

Craig approached Mr. Davidson just after 10 a.m. while he was under the hood of the car.

“The accused was a few inches from the complainant and told him to turn off the engine of the car,” said prosecutor Rachel Hill.

“However, the complainant refused. The accused then rushed into his hangar before returning.

Lawyer Angela McLardy said Craig had become concerned about the welfare of his outdoor tropical birds.

She said: “Everything was great, he invited the neighbors over for coffee and was quite friendly.

“Unfortunately, they told him they were bringing their classic car with them to the back yard.

“Mr. Craig has rare tropical birds, one of which red-faced parrot. The neighbor running the engine and the carbon monoxide worried him.

“The spirits have exploded far too quickly.”

A fine

Police have been contacted and Craig has vowed to appear in court after his arrest.

The retiree, however, violated the terms of the engagement by addressing abusive remarks a few days later to Mr. Davidson and his partner.

Appearing after his detention, Craig pleaded guilty to taking an aggressive stance, making threats against him and his property, screaming and swearing on May 9 before contacting Mr Davidson on May 16.

Sheriff Gregor Murray fined Craig £ 400, saying, “I understand you’re upset, but there are other ways to deal with this.”

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