Parade, classic car show returns July 4 in Miami Springs


Miami Springs will host a classic <a class=car show on July 3 along the city circle.” title=”Miami Springs will host a classic car show on July 3 along the city circle.” loading=”lazy”/>

Miami Springs will host a classic car show on July 3 along the city circle.

For the Miami Herald

Locals can resume their march, after a year-long hiatus from the pandemic, as Miami Springs city council voted 5-0 on Monday to restart its annual July 4 parade.

“Even though it’s downsized, we still have one,” said Bob Best, Miami Springs city councilor.

This year’s shortened course will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 3 in front of Miami Springs Baptist Church, 378 Westward Dr., and end at Miami Springs Golf & Country Club, 650 Curtiss Pkwy.

Following the parade, the town will host a classic car show along its circle at the intersection of Westward Dr. and Curtiss Pkwy.

On Sunday July 4, the public is invited to return to the golf course where a $ 16,000 fireworks display begins at dusk. Miami Springs is a three square kilometer city, with a population of 14,000, north of Miami International Airport which has 10 churches, and a Sunday parade would interfere with services.

For decades, hundreds of Independence Day parades have launched water balloons and fired water cannons along a mile of Miami Springs’ main drag – Westward Drive. However, that tradition ended, in 2017, after the city installed a bike path and fresh landscaping that restricted parking.

The city’s last July 4 parade, in 2019, ended abruptly after a child was hit by a trailer and rushed to hospital. She survived.

Safety measures this year include a ban on allowing ATVs, motorcycles or go-karts along the parade route. Other rules require parade vehicles to be decorated and display only one flag along the route, Miami Springs recreation director Omar Luna said.

“You can have an American flag – an American flag – you can’t have any other flag,” Luna said. “Everything else will not be allowed in the parade.”

Neighbors who took a close look at the U.S. flags displayed by volunteers along Miami Springs’ popular Curtiss Parkway bike path last month were offended when they noticed the OneNation hashtag printed on them. The flags were a display of local patriotism leading up to July 4th.

“I appreciate the idea behind the flags, just the American flag and that’s it,” said Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell. “It won’t raise some kind of unexpected controversy that might arise.”

If you would like to take part in the 4th of July parade or the classic city car show, call 305-805-5000.

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