Owner of Brennan’s Red Truck Tells His Story –

May 12, 2022

Owner of Brennan’s Red Truck Tells His Story

By Lori Draz

If you’ve been to some of the area’s popular events like Rumson’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade or Fair Haven Day, chances are you’ve seen Brennan’s antique red truck. This brilliant sight always draws a crowd, and John Yurish, owner of Brennan and Brennan’s truck, is happy to tell his story.

This vintage vehicle is a 1947 Chevrolet pickup truck. It was made the first year after World War II, and it was so popular that different variations of the truck were made until 1954. When Yurish had the opportunity to buy the truck, he couldn’t resist.

“I’ve always been an old-school type of truck, and now I’m proud to say I’ve owned this truck for over 20 years,” he said.

This beauty was a workhorse in its prime, and now Yurish is its sole driver, thanks to its tricky start mechanism. It has a standard manual transmission with a starter pedal pressed into the middle of the floor. It takes the right feel and timing to get it going, but it’s a joy to drive even if it doesn’t exceed any speed limit.

“He drinks a lot of gas and gets to a high cruising speed of around 35 miles per hour, but he still draws huge crowds wherever he goes,” Yurish said. He shared a story of the time he parked the truck outside his Rumson store. Parked just behind was a brand new Ferrari. “I couldn’t believe when I came out. There was a large group of families all around my truck while this beautiful Ferrari was sitting there.

The truck has a private residence in Middletown where it gets a lot of TLC. Yurish said, “I keep it polished and primed at all times. We use the truck to haul light loads, but sometimes we take it out for photos at events, like the time we filled the bed of the truck with free popcorn to hand out at Fair Haven Day. Lots of people took lots of pictures that day.

The truck has become the mascot for Brennan’s Delicatessen which opened in Rumson in 1994. The Oakhurst location is now 20 years old, the Middletown location just turned 3, and the truck regularly visits all three locations. Brennan’s is best known for its sandwich menu which now offers 26 different combinations.

If you want to take a picture of this happy cherry champ, he’ll be parked outside the Rumson store on Memorial Day.

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