OLD Ferrari GP SPOTTED on the highway in the Czech Republic

Formula 1: An old Ferrari Grand Prix car spotted on a motorway in the Czech Republic: The public in the Czech Republic were surprised to see a vintage Ferrari Grand Prix car pass them on the highway in the Czech Republic as these cars are illegal on the road. Follow live updates from Formula 1 and the Belgian GP on InsideSport.IN

People posted videos on Twitter of the incident and an account named @F1_Pictures said, “Just a GP2 car in Ferrari colors driving on a highway in the Czech Republic. The police have not been able to identify the illegal joyrider and are looking for him for questioning.

Meanwhile, one of the users named @Haaalo14 even mocked Ferrari for their recent strategic blunders which left Charles Leclerc far behind for this year’s F1 title. “You would think they would go for hard tires (because the stint is longer)… but Ferrari’s strategy still amazes me,” @Haaalo14 said.

Additionally, the other user named @Street1Racing added, “Guys here are living his best life.” Moreover, some users were impressed by what they had seen and even expressed their desire to @FrenkHU to add, “Ahww that sound, very rich people play big like that.”

Last week, various recordings were posted on social media of the vehicle speeding along the D4 motorway from Prague in the Czech Republic to the border with Germany. The vehicle gave the impression of being a GP2 vehicle, blending in with other regular vehicles.

Formula 1: Ferrari GP car spotted on the highway in the Czech Republic.

In the meantime, it is against the law to drive such vehicles on the highway in a central European country. Also, in one more twist of the adventure, the police looked at a comparative event that happened in a similar area three years ago.

In 2019, a similar vehicle was spotted driving down a similar stretch of freeway, prompting an investigation. Officials figured out how to find the owner of the Ferrari, but the suspect denied he was in the driver’s seat at the time.

In this way, the police could not prove his case because the driver was wearing a racing helmet which masked his personality, so no charges were brought against the suspect. Plus, luckily for whoever was in the driver’s seat, they kept clear of a £347 a fine and a one-year driving ban.

Back in F1, the Scuderia will expect to get their season back on track when the ongoing break in the campaign ends. Drivers and groups will resume their activities in Belgium in a few days with the fourteenth round of the 2022 F1 season which will take place in the form of the Belgian GP from August 26 to 28.

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