New bicycle repair station at Academy Park

Fri Nov 19, 2021 10:15 AM

Jack Olszewski of Cambria Troop 8 recently presented to the Lewiston Village Board of Directors a proposal from the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout to install a new bicycle repair station behind the Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce on the Center Street. With the blessing of the administrators, he installed the $ 800 repair kit on the side of the South Ninth Street toilet block. The Park Tools product consists of a weatherproof kit, eight tools and a cradle holder. It is designed to be maintenance free under normal wear and tear.

Olszewski, 17, is shown with Mayor Anne Welch. He gave her a quick tour of the toolbox.

More and more cyclists are coming to Lewiston, as the Niagara River Greenway has extended its Manhattan-Montreal cycle path into the village. This route will eventually bypass Academy Park and connect to Fort Niagara in Youngstown.

Niagara Outfitters’ Libby Broderick, also pictured, and her staff dug a bike rack behind the bedroom desk. They cleaned and painted it for the convenience of cyclists, for whom rentals were offered.

Unfortunately, someone cut the wooden bicycle rack and stole a bicycle.

Broderick intends to install a metal stand and resume ride offerings when spring returns.

“I look forward to future developments for cycling at this location! ” she said. “Next year Niagara Outfitters will be offering self-service bike rentals here. Much like the Ready bikes in Niagara Falls and Buffalo, if there is a Niagara Outfitters bike in the rack, it will be available for rental. We will offer vintage bikes but also tandems to try.

“You can always reserve bikes in advance, but this option will give people a more impromptu idea to ride vintage bikes to explore our vintage village.”

Niagara Outfitters offers hiking, biking and kayaking in the Niagara River region. For more information, visit

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