Motul oils for vintage cars


Motul launches two new Motul Classic products – CLASSIC EIGHTIES 10W-40 & CLASSIC NINETIES 10W-30. These two motor oils are dedicated to classic car enthusiasts who particularly appreciate vehicles built between the 1970s and 2000s. Motul was one of the first brands to launch a range of dedicated classic oils in 2008. These dedicated products with detergent levels adapted to better suit older engines, covers pre-war vehicles up to “Youngtimers” (also known as Modern Classics in the United States). Both new products feature the distinctive Motul Classic design with specific elements reflecting the atmosphere of the respective decade.

Modern classics (Youngtimers) are the future

Cars from the 1970s to 2000s, with a lower level of investment compared to previous vintages, became more and more collectable and some specialists consider that the Modern Classic / Youngtimer market began when manufacturers began to replace the chrome by plastic. The owners of these cars are generally young men under 40 who prefer to maintain their car in the “Do It Yourself” way and who fully immerse themselves in this retro world.

Today’s technology for yesterday’s classics

Motul’s never-ending quest for innovation and passion for performance has now led to the development of two engine oils, which provide unparalleled protection and exceptional functionality for classic and vintage engines. Suitable for original or rebuilt engines, CLASSIC EIGHTIES 10W-40 and CLASSIC NINETIES 10W-30 engine oils are semi-synthetic multigrade engine oils specially designed for Modern Classic and Youngtimer vehicles from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s equipped with engines 4-stroke, powered by either gasoline or diesel, naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged, injection or carbureted. These semi-synthetic formulas feature high zinc (ZDDP) content for protection and molybdenum for performance. Its unique formula, reinforced with synthetic base oils, offers excellent cold flow properties to prevent engine wear during start-up and offers excellent cold flow properties. The unique additive package also provides excellent long-term storage protection during times when driving just for fun just isn’t possible.

Modern Classic / Youngtimer vehicles are those driven for fun, with passion and by owners interested in collecting them, especially sport or premium / limited edition models. For details on how to improve your car’s performance, call Autoplus Sports Center on 09566390580 log on to Motul oil and lubricants are also available at Cleanfuel service stations and some dealerships nationwide.

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