Motociclo Moto Guzzi NSW Centenario Ride Day is a success

Moto Guzzi NSW Centenario Ride Day

Images by Dean Walters

The Moto Guzzi Owners Association NSW recently hosted their annual Grand Ride with the support of Motociclo and Moto Guzzi Australia. Despite mixed weather conditions, there was an exceptional turnout and entered the race.

The rain couldn’t put a stop to Moto Guzzi NSW’s day of riding with a nice climb

With dark clouds looming and rain quite clearly on the way, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reached the start point at Harry’s Cafe from Wheels in Tempe on a Sunday morning, but I didn’t know what to expect. didn’t have to worry – the Moto Guzzi community is obviously made of tougher materials and doesn’t mind getting their pristine machines dirty.

Harry’s Cafe De Wheels quickly ran out of parking!

The machines for each vintage were already lined up with more runoff per minute. I was fortunate enough to be aboard a Centenario V9 Bobber provided by Moto Guzzi Australia for the day, which puts me very well in the spirit of the occasion.

The Moto Guzzi ‘Centenario’ V9 Bobber

More than 100 bicycles fill the parking lot despite a light rain that comes and goes during the morning. A ride to the Headlands Hotel along the coast was planned to celebrate Moto Guzzi’s 100th birthday. Hence the Centenario V9 Bobber. A Centenario V85 TT was also present.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

Parking the V9 Bobber among the other Guzzis offered a great glimpse into the brand’s loyalty to its heritage, with the air-cooled transverse twin everywhere you looked. This included the modern California and V85 TT models, up to the older V7s and more.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

Obviously the V100 Mandello which was recently announced (link) will see an evolution in the new Guzzi offerings, but not at the expense of this heritage.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

With morning coffee on everyone’s belt the group set off from Harry’s house, facing south and I have to admit there was something quite magical about stopping by the lights alongside five or 10 others. Guzzis, with the combined pounding exhaust notes.

Sydney outing on the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

Granted, some of the older machines with noisy pipes pulled more than their weight in this department, but that’s the reason for the bike.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

The V9 Bobber was a great fit for the day, a relaxed riding position and plenty of performance to ride, a throttle delivering smooth torque when the opportunity arose to catch up.

It’s been years since I’ve driven a V7, but the extra performance from the updated powertrain was welcome – with that extra 15hp and almost 10Nm of torque very noticeable. Traction control is also a nice standard inclusion for the slippery weather, not the one I needed as it turned out, but nice to have nonetheless.

The V9 Bobber is the perfect bike for a day cruising in the National Park

Tire profiles reward planned arcs of turn but capable of a quick turn when the pace picks up a bit. Likewise, the Brembo brake setup got the job done, with plenty of power and bite in the rear, and more progressive action up front.

The 785mm seat height invites riders of varying heights and the overall build quality is something to admire. This is a modern classic that will make people think it is a true retro machine. Keep an eye on for a full review.

A long train from Moto Guzzis descended to the Headland Hotel

The rain really set in as we got out of Sydney and into the national park, with Moto Guzzis stretching out at times as far as the eye could see, although some of the more twisty sections weren’t too far out.

There was also a wide variety of machines at the Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day

The languid pace eventually led us to the Headlands Hotel for lunch and a presentation of a variety of prizes, from the farthest to the best Moto Guzzi by popular vote, while the price of the cleanest bike presented a particular challenge afterwards. going through all the rain!

Council approval at the Headlands Hotel meant some of the bikes could be parked on the grass

With council approval, we were also able to park some of the bikes on the grass next to the hotel as the space filled up quickly.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

After a mouthful, those awards were handed out, with Jon Eales taking home the Cleanest Bike award for his 1965 V7 700, a bike originally purchased in Milan by Giovanni Medici.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

Best Tonti went to Martin Schols with his 1981 Le Mans Mk III powered by a Mark V 1000 engine, complete with Agostini half fairing, seat and timing gears. Tonti refers to Lino Tonti, who designed this specific frame used for large Guzzi blocks from 1971 to 1992.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

The best Loopy, you guessed it – the original Guzzi double-loop frame – was Steve Eagles with his 1973 Eldorado, while the best small block went to Jerry and his 1987 V65 Lario. This small block was developed in the 1970s and continues in modified form in today’s V7, V9 and V85 models.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

Mal Gilles’ 2010 V7 Classic took home the most used award with 221,000 km on the odometer and the longest distance went to Steve Ryan who had come all the way from Tamworth on his 1986 Le Mans IV 1000 for the rally.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day 2021

By popular vote, the best bike went to Bruce Hollows 1987 Magni Arturo 1000, and the Motociclo dealer awarded its own best bike choice which was Bruce McGregor’s 2016 California 1400, as the “youngest” of the winners – bikewise.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi NSW Ride Day ends with group photo after awards show

It was the end of the day, with runners dispersing towards the highway or crossing the national park to take the scenic route to their respective homes.

Motociclo & Moto Guzzi Gallery NSW Ride Day 2021

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