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The cluster bombing of residential settlements in Kharkiv by Russian military aircraft has heightened concerns for the Narendra Modi government as nearly 2,500 Indian students are trapped in the war zone of Ukraine’s second largest city. While the Modi government has not only delegated four senior ministers for evacuation duties in countries bordering Ukraine, but Indian diplomats are also being pressed from all Indian missions in Europe to assist in the evacuation process. .

However, the situation in Kharkiv is causing heightened fears, as Russian forces have subjected the city, located in northeastern Ukraine, to continuous artillery and aerial bombardment. The only saving grace is that Russian forces carry out deliberate shelling avoiding Russian-inhabited localities in Kharkiv and Kyviv so that there is no domestic backlash in Moscow.

The assessment is that while Russian forces have enough firepower to decimate Kyviv and Kharkiv, the Red Army is mired in bitter Ukrainian resistance with urban guerrilla warfare breaking out on the streets of Ukrainian cities. According to the latest reports, as many as 11 civilians were killed in the cluster bombardments, while a school was destroyed.

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It is quite obvious that the invading Russian forces virtually dominate the Ukrainian skies, but the cities are still under Ukrainian control and resisting Putin’s offensive. Fifth day of the Ukrainian offensive, Russian President Putin has the tiger by the tail because he cannot afford to be seen politically and militarily humiliated by the small Ukraine.

For Russia, the status quo or ceasefire is no longer an option as it will have political repercussions for President Putin in Moscow. It is precisely for this reason that the Russian President has injected armour, rocket and missile regiments into Ukraine and clearly will not stop until he takes control of Kyviv.

Given the massive Western response to the invasion of Ukraine, many experts believe President Putin should have limited his offensive to just the Donbass region with Crimea already under his control. However, this argument is contradicted by others who say that limiting the offensive to the Donbass region would have resulted in the rest of Ukraine sitting on the lap of NATO and the EU and jeopardizing the Russian sphere of influence.

Although the United States understands India’s stance on invading Ukraine given its past strategic heritage with Russia, Indian public opinion is divided between old-timers supporting Moscow and younger people favoring Russia. Ukraine. But this situation will totally change in case an Indian student is unfortunately caught in the crossfire in the war zone of Kharkiv or Kiev.

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