Mini classic remastered for road and track


Bodybuilder David Brown Automotive, with help from Oselli Engineering, builds 60 fully revised classic Mini for road and track.

93 kW and 153 Nm is the work of longtime Mini engine tuner Oselli Engineering, while the leather-trimmed roll cage and dark green paintwork are those of coach builder David Brown Automotive. The initials DB you might know on the tail of some rather nice British sports cars. 60 years have passed since the first Mini was built, and UK-based DB Automotive has thought to celebrate. The goal is a car with great credibility on the track, but composed road manners. Essentially another in the growing resto-mod world, the Mini Remastered isn’t just a backyard project hatch.

Brand ambassador and promising Formula driver, Jack Aitken.

As a coach builder, David Brown Automotive does not specialize in engines, which is why Oselli Engineering, based in Milton Keynes, was hired to lead the powertrain for the project. Having many years of experience with the A series engine, they have been developing them since the 1960s, Oselli did not spare a lot. Hand-worn cylinder heads, reinforced crankshaft, high-torque camshaft, twin-SU carburetors, limited-slip differential and free-flowing exhaust system were all strategically launched on the little Mini. Some Bilstein shocks and an AP Racing brake set take care of any handling issues. The result is 93 kW and 153 Nm at 6,200 rpm and 4,500 rpm respectively, which is fed to the larger 13-inch wheels via a redesigned five-speed manual or four-speed automatic. The automatic transmission, however, comes with a reduced 1,400cc engine compared to the standard 1,500cc unit. DB Automotive will even equip the car with two fuel tanks, if there is an intention of long road trips or long stints on the track.

Covering it all, it’s a wonderfully classic and modern look for the Mini. New LED headlights and a chrome replacement with black chrome contrast with the classic racing stripe livery. Available in competition red, royal blue and heritage green to go with a carbon gray or old English white David Brown Automotive has kept the Mini funky. On the grille there is a nice “60” in a contrasting shade, and those larger 13-inch wheels also fit the description.

Inside are two or four seats, depending on customer needs. In the event that only two seats are needed, a half cage is installed and then quickly wrapped in leather, much like the rest of the interior. Alcantara is also an option if leather is not preferable.

The Mini Remastered, Oselli Edition is available to order right now, left and right and by car, and if you’re not sure if you order one, then the fact that future Formula One driver Jack Aitken is the brand ambassador should convince you.

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