Memories and camaraderie unite guests at a car show at the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center

FLINT – Bruce Belvins still remembers the start of his first love, the 240z Avocado Leaf green Datsun.

“This is my third 240z that I have been blessed with in my life,” said Bruce Belvins, 71, Flint resident and proud owner of a 1972 Datsun 240z in the brilliant green color. avocado leaf.

“When we were in college and it was time to buy a car, I saw these [The Datsun 240z] in a magazine,” Belvins said. “It was 1971. I fell in love with the looks and put my name on a waitlist because back then you couldn’t order one because they were so hot.”

Belvins was among many other proud owners and enthusiasts of classic, vintage and one-of-a-kind cars who gathered at the 7th Annual Back to the Bricks Winter Indoor Car Show held Saturday, February 2 at the Dort Federal Credit. Union Event Center, 3501 Lapeer Road.

“You had to put your name on a waiting list,” Belvins said, reminiscing about 1971. “When your name floated to the top of the list and a dealership brought a car in, they would call you and say, ‘ I have an orange automatic, do you want it or not? If you said no, he would keep going down the list because he would find someone to take him. I ended up having an orange stick, because I wanted a stick. I wanted this green color but they were very rare at the time.

Special features of the indoor car show included low bikes, vintage motorcycles and a display of three corvettes. Attendees were able to see sentimental memorabilia with special cars from classic movies and TV shows.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for families and car enthusiasts to enjoy your car and see friends and enjoy the automotive camaraderie that vehicle owners greatly appreciate,” said Amber Taylor, Director General of Back to the Bricks.

The General, a 1969 Dodge Charger from the television series The Dukes of Hazzard, was displayed at the show, along with KITT, “Knight Industries Two Thousand,” the 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the television series Knight Rider, while walking by the special car display of TV and movies.

Vintage and classic cars spark memories and excitement in customers young and old.

“[In 1971] I ended up getting an orange stick, because I wanted a stick, Belvins said. “I wanted this green color but they were very rare at the time. I had an orange one and 13 months later fell asleep in the Pocono Mountains and totaled it.

“I didn’t have a single scratch, but the car was totally destroyed. It took me another five months to get another one. I kept that one for two to three years and then decided to sell it because I was going to be reassigned, I was in the army, in Savannah, Georgia, on the beach. So I bought myself a van and sold it. I wish I had never had them, I loved them. Since then I have been looking for an avocado leaf green. My nephew found this one online in Oregon. I bought it without seeing it. »

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