Market03: Owensboro’s new party room opens this year


After months of preparation, Sally Ward and Meaghan Glenn proudly presented Owensboro’s new party venue – called Market03 – near Welborn Floral Company on Fourth Street in downtown Owensboro on Friday.

Glenn and Ward knew that space – once a neglected fleet of cars – could be turned into something fresh and new.

Market03 is now Owensboro’s first outdoor rental arena, adjoining the indoor bar and the upscale garage event space.

“It’s unlike anything we’ve got in Owensboro,” said Glenn, who will act as the venue manager.

The project started with Ward, the Welborn Floral Company event designer, getting tired of staring at a dirty, abandoned lot next to the florist.

Ward tracked down the owner, bought the property, and began the extensive cleanup process in August. Soon after, she decided to hold a Christmas themed market in the field.

“It got us thinking about how we could use it more,” Ward said. “The community needed an outdoor rental space.”

Glenn came up with some ideas. While most people saw a parking lot, two garages, and an office, Glenn envisioned future parties with a loose Texaco gas station aesthetic.

They painted stripes, stars and bold blocks in red, black and white. Inside, they added a bar, chandeliers, and string lights – and left weathered brick, black steel exposed, and vintage car paints.

“There was no change from what it was, so we decided to embrace it and go with the vintage car theme,” Glenn said.

Market03 could host birthdays, engagement parties, bridal showers or even wreath making workshops. During the summer months, garage doors can be left open for a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

“It can be casual or upscale,” Glenn said, adding that they tested the glamorous potential of the space with an outdoor wedding in October. “We really want to get people out of space.”

Glenn also plans to hold a market day each month for Owensboro’s many performers, “kind of like a farmers market but with handcrafted items,” Glenn explained.

To increase Market03’s potential, the duo added a transparent 40ft by 100ft Navi-Trac tent with a capacity of 300 people. The tent will be open six months a year from mid-spring to mid-autumn.

Market03 will launch a website and social media in the coming months.

For more information on renting space, contact Glenn at [email protected] or 270-929-1924, or visit site website.

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