Marc Rizzo joins Ill Nino and subtly slams his old band Soulfly


Marc Rizzo, the recently dismissed Soulfly guitarist from the heavy metal band led by Max Cavalera for “personal reasons”, has joined Ill Niño, the Latin metal band with whom he had previously performed.

Rizzo announced it in a YouTube livestream this week, in which he also appeared to take a beating on his old outfit.

It’s the latest twist in history that finds the 44-year-old guitarist back in the band he recorded with in the 2001s. Revolution Revolution. He then left Ill Niño and joined Soulfly. Rizzo went on to contribute to eight Soulfly albums as well as several of Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly’s offshoot with Cavalera and his brother, drummer Igor Cavalera. The two Cavaleras were founding members of Sepultura.

Watch the video towards the bottom of this article.

Rizzo said, “We’ll announce it soon, but I’m recording for Ill Niño’s new album. And I’m super excited, man. It’s a different band. It’s not the band. that he was … from when I was in the band, when I left in 2002. A lot has changed, so I’m delighted to work with these guys.

He continues: “It’s great to reconnect with Laz [Pina, bass] and Dave [Chavarri, drums] and work with the new singer, Marcos [Leal], who is an amazing singer. So I’m happy, man. We are going to record this new disc. I’ll probably – well, I a m I’m gonna be touring with them soon, and we’ll see what the future holds, man. They are going to announce it very soon, and I am very excited. Yeah, I’m joining the band, which is great. I am very excited to reconnect with my friends. “

In August, Soulfly revealed that they separated from Rizzo after 18 years. Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares took over from Rizzo for the live shows. Max made it clear that Rizzo had been fired.

“For the tribe, I want to talk about something happening,” the Soulfly group leader said during a live Facebook broadcast on August 8. “Of course it’s Marc Rizzo. He hasn’t left the band. We have decided to part ways with him for personal reasons. I wish Marc the best…”

Rizzo appeared to offer a veiled review of Soulfly in his video, apparently blaming the split on “managers and … girlfriends and wives.” Gloria Cavalera, Max’s wife, is Soulfly’s longtime manager.

“Everyone loves a good reunion,” Rizzo adds, “and the fact that me and Ill Niño are working together again, it just shows that things can happen when everyone can meet and talk and it just sticks around. . Don’t bring managers and girlfriends and creepy women out of people. You can have a meeting. And when guys come into a room and discuss and solve anything from the past, good things can come out. “

Rizzo’s remarks begin at 2:15 in the clip below.

Marc Rizzo Live Video – October 6, 2021

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