Manmiller, Gilmore and Swinehart win films at Grandview on Saturday before the rains arrive


Rain was forecast in the area and management went out of their way to keep the show going to stay ahead of the forecast. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, the feat was accomplished. When the final checkerboard fell for the 602 Sportsman Crate feature, it started to rain heavily.

Doug “The Handler” Manmiller ended his winless drought and put Jason and Theresa Miller’s No.44 in victory lane ahead of runner-up Jeff Strunk for his first win of the season in over two years in the 30-lap NASCAR Advance. Auto Parts Weekly Series TP Trailers Functionality changed on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway. The last time Manmiller was in the winner’s circle was July 20, 2019.

Current Sportsman points leader Kenny Gilmore captured his second 25-lap Sportsman event TP Truck Equipment chased by Jimmy Leiby. Gilmore dedicated the victory to one of his former car owners, the recently deceased Freddy Hamm.

Dylan Swinehart earned his second 602 Sportsman Crate victory in 25 rounds of the current season by fending off the challenges of second Dylan Hoch.

Darrin Schuler quickly took the lead in the modified function and on lap five a three-way battle for first place ensured between Schuler, John Willman and Mike Lisowski, leaving Nate Brinker, Erin Biehn and the other 28 starting cars. in pursuit.

A side-to-side battle between Schuler and Willman continued as the race progressed. Willman eventually managed to clear him and became the new point guard in the sixth round.

In the 14th round, the classification of the first five consisted of Willman, Schuler, Brett Kressley, Manmiller and Lisowski who started respectively third, first, 15th, 13th and fourth.

As soon as Kressley passed third place, a huge pillar of smoke billowed out of the engine bay on turn four causing him to stop in the first turn for the first and only yellow on lap 15. Willman held the lead when the action resumed, but now Manmiller, Strunk, Mike Gular and Jack Butler have joined in the chase.

The lead was traded for the third time when Manmiller took over the reins while Willman and Strunk set off for the second.

Strunk came second on lap 23 and chased Manmiller who had to deal with traffic on lap. Manmiller’s meeting allowed Strunk to erase the margin he had built up to push for first place.

Manmiller was determined to keep the competition behind him and he did so by stepping down the path to victory for his 29th career victory. Having a better finish this week compared to the Forrest Rogers Memorial, Strunk was followed by former points champion Gular, who raced there as his regular Saturday night track did not have Modifieds scheduled; Willman, for his best run in a while and Duane Howard. Butler, Lisowski, Biehn, Schuler and Ryan Grim round out the top ten.

The qualifying heats were won by Biehn, Willman, Schuler and Brinker. Craig Von Dohren and Rick Laubach won the consies.

Hunter Iatalese wasted no time in retaining his starting pole position in the Sportsman function while Colton Perry, BJ Joly, Bryan Rhoads and Mark Gaugler set off in pursuit.

Dakota Kohler sped along the straight for yellow with a turn in the books. On the restart, the red was thrown as Rhoads spun into the first turn and Joly rolled slowly into the second turn. Joly was not injured, but the car sustained considerable damage. Iatalese was still first in the restart, but at that point, Leiby was second behind Perry, Gilmore and Mike Schneck. Hoch and Kyle Smith were trying to break into the top five.

With 16 laps completed, the battle for the lead was five between Iatalese, Leiby, Gilmore, Hoch and Kyle Smith.

As he ran third on lap 17 after the fourth corner, Gilmore made a bold move to pass Leiby and Iatalese and take over first.

Gilmore never looked back once he took control and earned his seventh career division victory, followed by Leiby, Hoch, Smith and Brian Hirthler. Iatalese, Schneck, Nathan Mohr, Mark Kemmerer and Kyle Lilick round out the top ten.

The heats were won by BJ Joly, Iatalese, Rhoads and Lilick while Mike Stofflet and Matt Yoder won the consies.

Rick Wegner Jr. led the 602 Crate Sportsman race for one lap before Tyler Peet took over.

A backstretch accident involving several cars brought out the yellow on lap five. On the restart, Dylan Swinehart took first place, leaving Peet, Ryan Grim, Hoch and Cody Manmiller diced for the remaining positions.

Red was thrown on lap 14 when Leiby rolled into turn four. He was not injured, but the car sustained heavy damage. It was still Swinehart in the driver’s seat on the reboot, but now Hoch was second in trying to take the boys’ route followed by Grim, Peet, Manmiller and Richie Hitzler.

Positions behind Swinehart were sometimes traded, but he never gave up the lead and went on to win back-to-back functions. Hoch was second, followed by Grim, Peet and Hitzler. Manmiller, Doug Snyder, Ryan Beltz, Wegner Jr. and Talan Carter were sixth to ten.

Wegner Jr., Peet and Grim won the heats.

Coming on Thursday, August 26 at 7:30 p.m., Tony Stewart’s All Star Sprints and Modifieds are featured in double action.

Saturday, August 28, 7:30 p.m. Modifieds, Sportsman and Outlaw Vintage Racers (Modifieds and Sportsman) – $ 15 for adults with kids 11 and under for free – Ron Kline will be part of the Meet & Greet with Cole Stangle and Vintage Racers Scott Schaffer and Mike Stofflet. The Outlaw Vintage Racers will be giving gifts to the kids during the evening, including bikes, gift cards and more.

Friday, September 3, 7 p.m. Outlaw Series Enduros and Vintage Racing

Saturday September 4, 7:30 p.m. Modified, Sportsman and ARDC Midgets

Saturday September 11 7:30 p.m. Championship Evening for Modified and Sportsmen

Tour sponsorships and qualifying events are available for the 51st annual Freedom 76, scheduled for September 18. The winner will walk away with at least $ 30,000. For more information contact Tina Rogers or Tommy Kramer at the track or call Ernie Saxton at 267.934.7286


Modified functionality of TP Trailers (30 laps): 1. Doug Manmiller, 2. Jeff Strunk, 3. Mike Gular, 4. John Willman, 5. Duane Howard, 6. Jack Butler, 7. Mike Lisowski, 8. Eric Biehn, 9. Darrin Schuler, 10. Ryan Grim, 11. Jared Umbenhauer, 12. Craig Von Dohren, 13. Cory Merkel, 14. Nate Brinker, 15. Craig Whitmoyer, 16. Brett Gilmore, 17. Danny Bouc, 18. Brad Grim , 19. Rick Laubach, 20. Justin Grim, 21. Ryan Watt, 22. Brad Arnold, 23. Kevin Hirthler, 24. Carroll Hine III, 25. Dylan Swinehart, 26. Brett Kressley, 27. Kyle Merkel, 28. Ray Pig heart. DNQ: Bobby Gunther Walsh, Chris Gambler, Joe Funk III, Jordan Henn, Jesse Leiby, Ron Kline, Mark Levy, Dan Lane.

TP Truck Equipment Sportsman Feature (25 laps): 1. Kenny Gilmore, 2. Jimmy Leiby, 3. Dylan Hoch, 4. Kyle Smith, 5. Brian Hirthler, 6. Hunter Iatalese, 7. Mike Schneck, 8. Nathan Mohr, 9. Mark Kemmerer, 10. Kyle Lilick, 11. Ryan Beltz, 12. Dakota Kohler, 13. Colton Perry, 14. Kenny Bock, 15. Doug Snyder, 16. Matt Yoder, 17. Bryan Rhoads, 18. Mike Stofflet, 19. Adrianna Delliponti, 20. Parker Guldin, 21. Tyler James, 22. Wayne Rotenberger, 23. Mark Gaugler, 24. Steve Young, 25. BJ Joly, 26. Decker Swinehart. DNQ: Cody Manmiller, Brian Blankenbiller, Ryan Conrad, Tyler Peet, Logan Bauman, Chris Esposito, Nick Faust, Matt Clay, Joey Vaccaro, Zach Steffy, Richie Hitzler.

602 Sportsman Crate Feature (25 laps): 1. Dylan Swinehart, 2. Dylan Hoch, 3. Ryan Grim, 4. Tyler Peet, 5. Richie Hitzler, 6. Cody Manmiller, 7. Doug Snyder, 8. Ryan Beltz, 9 Rick Wegner Jr., 10. Talan Carter, 11. Matt Yoder, 12. Zach Steffy, 13. Decker Swinehart, 14. Ryan Conrad, 15. Logan Bauman, 16. Kenny Bock, 17. Alyssa Fogel, 18. Glenn Strunk , 19. Jimmy Leiby, 20. Wayne Rotenberger, 21. Joey Vaccaro, 22. Brian Blankenbiller, 23. Dakota Kohler, 24. BJ Joly.

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