‘Mad Max’ star Nicholas Hoult’s Custom Ride is a flashy Indian

Taking inspiration from the vintage off-road riding scene, Go Takamine concocted a stylish custom motorcycle.

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So Indian Motorcycle asked Go Takamine to build one of their legendary Brat Style customs for Hollywood kid Nicholas Hoult. Using a new Indian chief, Go Takamine got down to business and applied his renowned creativity to the custom unveiled this week. A Brat-style custom typically draws inspiration from the vintage off-road driving scene, and this custom chef displays many of those signature features. From the single fuel tank and Ford rear fender to the brass pegs and risers, Go Takamine’s new custom features a timeless design that incorporates modern engineering along with the craftsmanship of a well-respected bike builder.

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How Go Takamine Builds a Brat Style Custom

One of the key traits of a Custom Brat Style is simplicity. Go Takamine bikes are built on a basic design that eliminates factory clutter. This is especially evident at the rear of this custom, as Go Takamine scrapped the entire factory fender and lighting assembly in favor of a vintage 1937 Ford replacement. fit, the Ford mudguard offers a more streamlined look while hugging the all-terrain style tire. Such decisions allow Go Takamine to transform a contemporary cruiser into a bike with historic DNA.

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The other custom strong point of this Indian Chief is undoubtedly the fuel tank. Go Takamine liked the general shape of the factory tank, but wanted to reduce the size to mimic those of vintage off-road racers. The flowing lines of the fuel tank remain intact, but it has condensed height and width. The wider handlebars and slimmer rear fender accentuate this subtle alteration. As for the other keys on the bike, the factory gauge is now mounted on the side, and the handlebars and exhaust pipes used on this custom are Brat style originals and show the type of aftermarket available for a new Indian chief. And with the growing popularity of the Indian Motorcycle line-up, options like these are expected to continue to enter the market so that owners can customize their machines to suit their unique wants and needs.

A kid-style bike built for a British actor

This custom was ultimately built for actor Nicholas Hoult, best known for his roles in the X Men series and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). Like other Hollywood actors and actresses, Hoult appreciates the open road and the anonymity that a helmet offers to escape public attention. While this custom flashy Indian chief is likely to attract a lot of attention, Hoult is clearly hoping to blend in with other motorcycle enthusiasts. And who can blame him? This custom Brat Style looks like an ideal motorcycle to point to the horizon and just ride.

In 2022 a tailor-made Indian chief.
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