Lugnutz serves Calgary auto tinkerers who are crazy about cars

The garage allows the co-owners to manage with their own car

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In addition to getting rid of what were once treasures, downsizing also often means lifestyle changes. Brenda Rose and her husband, George, have a passion for working on their cars, so moving into a condo with no garage meant that hobby had to be put on hold.

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Speaking with car enthusiasts, they found that many were in the same boat, wanting to tinker but lacking enough space to be comfortable enjoying it.

Eager to solve this problem, Rose did research and held focus groups to determine the best needs, and the result was that she rented an 8,000 square foot bay and turned it into a serviced do-it-yourself garage. of all the tools needed to carry out the maintenance. , upgrades and details on a wide range of vehicles.

Lugnutz is in Remington Development’s new Barlow Crossing industrial complex, just south of Glenmore Trail on Barlow Trail SE

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It has 10 bays providing customers with a clean, safe and high-tech environment to work on their own vehicles and serve as a gathering place for enthusiasts.

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Each bay has a 10-drawer rolling tool box stocked with SAE and metric mechanical-grade tools, everything needed for most repair and maintenance jobs. Additional pneumatic tools, a premium Autel OBDII diagnostic reader, precision digital torque wrenches, and all manner of other specialty tools are available at no additional cost.

Lugnutz usage is priced by hourly, daily and weekly, and even monthly rates – currently being used by a customer dismantling his 1961 Land Rover to rebuild it into a classic automobile.

President and CEO, Rose, designed Lugnutz to be safe and environmentally friendly, fitted with a state-of-the-art air system to ensure that the exhaust gases generated in the workshop while the vehicles are running are quickly evacuated. All fluids are recycled and the workshop has an underfloor oil separator system that captures any harmful fluids that enter the floor drains, retaining them for recycling rather than entering the system. ‘sewer.

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Whether it’s just changing summer tires or pulling out an engine to replace a transmission, Lugnutz has the space clean as a whistle and new tools to get the job done.

Eight of the bays are equipped with two-post lifts, others are intended for electrical or interior work that does not require the vehicle to be raised off the ground. But Rose says that although the customer is still in the driver’s seat, only the three certified staff members are allowed to operate the elevator functions.

If customers need a new part, a relationship with NAPA means on-time delivery. And if the need is known in advance, the part can be delivered directly to Lugnutz and stored until it is ready for installation.

Her research told Rose that there was a need for more of a place to work on the vehicles; his new project could also serve as an environment for learning, collaboration and training.

Lugnutz has a meeting room with an 85-inch flat screen and full audio system that will be used for basic car maintenance courses, and is available free of charge to car clubs that have held events there before.

Rose has found an answer to her family’s quest and that of others who prefer and enjoy working on their own vehicles.

Planning and organizing the facility was just an extension of her hobby, and her profession as an accountant — she’s been CFO of Habitat for Humanity for 11 years — will help her ensure the success of his new venture.

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