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Bad dreams are the worst. For example, what if you dreamed of dating someone you had never thought of in that way? So strange! But in a new movie, bad dreams turn into a full murder investigation. Deco’s dream catcher Alex Miranda has the deets.

In Anya Taylor-Joy’s new thriller, dreams reveal more than a secret crush.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I’ve had a few.”

We’ve all had this crazy night, haven’t we?

Especially Anya Taylor-Joy.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “And then a red eyed clown gave me all my stuff.”

More on that later. but I hope yours weren’t that kind of unforgettable.

In “Last Night in Soho”, Thomasin McKenzie stars as Eloise, a fashion design student who discovers she can enter the 1960s through her sleep… and then becomes fascinated by a dazzling aspiring singer.

Matt Smith (as Jack): “And are you?”

Anya Taylor-Joy: “Sandie.”

But after Eloise sees Sandie’s glamorous lifestyle turn ugly, her dreams turn into a nightmare.

Thomasin McKenzie (as Eloise): “I know what you did.”

Terence Stamp (as Silver Haired Gentleman): “I did a lot of things. You’re gonna have to be more specific, my love.

While filming wasn’t a bad dream for Anya, who – fun to say – was actually born in Miami…

Anya Taylor-Joy: “And I wish I could join you there right now for a bit of…”

Alex Miranda: “Yes!

… But raised in London.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “So we could go around it, having been redesigned like the 60s Soho. Like, we blocked whole streets of that and got to drive in the vintage cars. “

The 2021 Golden Globe winner for “The Queen’s Gambit” believes in the power of dreams.

Alex Miranda: “Do you feel like they’re really trying to tell you something? “

Anya Taylor-Joy: “Sometimes I forget them, then a few days later something is going to happen, and then I think to myself:” I dreamed it was going to happen. “”

So luckily these memories won’t haunt her.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “It was amazing. You have certainly walked around thinking, “This is an experience I will never forget.”

Now, about that crazy night in Soho…

Alex Miranda: “I had a couple.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “Hun …”

With the clown …

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I had been to a lot of places. At one point, I lost all of my belongings.

That’s when Bozo appears out of nowhere with his “missing” things.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “And we spent the rest of the night hanging out.”

I don’t know about you, but I imagine it happened something like …

Bill Skarsgård (as Pennywise): “Here, take it …”

Anya Taylor-Joy: “And I was like …”

Alex Miranda: “Nooo …”

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I’m not going to ask questions, and he was a scary clown. I am still friends with him. It’s awesome.”

Sweet dreams!

Watch “Last Night in Soho” in theaters this Friday.

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