Land Rover Defender 110 P400 SE


What is that? The five-door, six-cylinder version of Land Rover’s toughest model, the Defender. We mentioned this in the recent travel issue of Life & Hobbies but wanted to provide more automotive details. Although the Defender is still described as iconic, the name appeared as recently as 1990 to distinguish the original Landie from the new, more comfortable Discovery variant.

How much does it cost? The current lineup starts at just over $ 70,000 (for the three-door) and completes with the D300 X five-door at $ 143,190. Excluding highway costs, our midpoint model was $ 102,736 and $ 119,082 with various options and accessories installed. There’s an almost endless list of add-ons for comfort, convenience, and adventure (including a compressor in the trunk when you’ve lowered your tire pressure for sand, a 240-volt inverter, and various housings and mounts. external).

What makes it work? In the case of the P400, a three-liter inline six-cylinder gasoline engine. Equipped with a turbocharger and an electric compressor, it develops 294 kW and 550 Nm, and offers fast performance, despite a total weight of 2.4 tonnes. We saw 9.6 L / 100 km on the highway, but double it when pushing hard on winding climbs and descents.

The new Defender combines heroic off-road capability with on-road poise and refinement.

Why would you want it? The appearance at launch sparked controversy, in part because many expected retro, taking advantage of the cult status of previous models. My straw poll suggests the new styling has won over most of the original naysayers, while the huge advancements in off-road capability and on-road refinement give the replaced model (and some competitors) a positive vintage feel. .

Why not you? Because you are a little confused. There used to be a clear line between the workhorse Defender and the more sophisticated and comfortable Discovery. With its comfort, its silence, its technology on the road (even adaptive cruise control) and its elegant lines, the new Defender seems to blur that line. Another problem: size and weight. Unless you do a lot of four-wheel drive and / or towing, you’re paying a big premium to buy and operate such a vehicle.

And in conclusion? I can’t think of another vehicle that blends heroic off-road capabilities with on-road balance and refinement so well. Now covered by a five-year warranty, the new Defender has a lot to congratulate.

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