Kris Jenner says this throwback Halloween costume was one of her favorites | Arena

Let’s just say, “It’s Halloween.”

Kris Jenner has yet to reveal her plans for Halloween 2022, but she’s having a bit of fun teasing fans with past costumes on Instagram.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is known for her extravagant tastes, and 2020’s Halloween was no exception. In a reel shared yesterday, October 28, set at The Nightmare Before Christmas “It’s Halloween,” Jenner proudly sat in the driver’s seat of a shiny black and white vintage vehicle dressed as Jack Skellington.

The reality star’s hair was slicked back and painted with thin white streaks all over. Her face was painted to meticulously match Tim Burton’s character, and she wore a pinstripe suit with an ostentatious bow tie to mimic her collar. The only deviation from the look from the original came in the form of her platform boots, which featured tiny white polka dots instead of a solid black color.

“One of my favorite Halloween costumes I’ve ever worn!! Jack Skellington two years ago 💀🎃 #Halloween #ThisisHalloween #throwback,” she wrote in the caption, “and Instagram has clearly confirmed.

“You are the cutest ever and that was so iconic!” Isabelle Alyssaa famous tanning artist, wrote.

“Such a great costume! 👻,” Property Brother Jonathan Scott said.

“Kris always gives us the best 😍👏,” one fan commented.

“I remember this curious ICONIC so well for this year❤️,” wrote another.

And we too are curious to see what the famous momager will look like this year. She’s been serving up retro looks so far this weekend, but Kylie Jenner has already distributed two iconic costumes. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the family has cooked up!

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