Johnny Vegas glamping site closes after ‘struggling to cope’ with Yorkshire weather

The Johnny Vegas glamping site has been forced to close after “struggling to cope” with unpredictable Yorkshire weather.

Last year, Johnny Vegas opened a glamping site nestled in the North Yorkshire countryside, complete with a collection of vintage vehicles, including a restored old Maltese bus named after Johnny’s late mother, Patricia.

The glamping site was featured on Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping on Channel 4 but after Field of Dreams closed in September, the comedian has since found another site to host, ready for the second series.

According to YorkshireLive, Louise Pullan, who runs the Field of Dreams farm where the vehicles were set up, said they were not “prepared” for the weather.

Located 300m above sea level, the farmhouse is often whipped by wind and rain, with one guest even reporting that a leak left the sleeping area “wet through”.

The show broadcast in 2021

Some even said that the TV series “presented a very different experience.”

According to IMDB, he said: “The Field of Dreams Vintage Vehicle Glamping site around which the series was based was closed before the end of the season scheduled for the end of September 2021, due to bad weather problems and vehicles / tents were not being insufficiently weather-sealed.”

The Channel 4 series in 2021 showed Johnny and Bev setting out to turn a collection of old, abandoned vehicles into a boutique hotel for avid glampers.

Louise, who has run her own campsite for 10 years with her husband Richard, said using her land for a celebrity glamping site was a “great opportunity”, adding: “As soon as the first episode came out, we We were booked in three solid days.”

Last year Johnny Vegas opened a glamping site nestled in the North Yorkshire countryside
Last year Johnny Vegas opened a glamping site nestled in the North Yorkshire countryside

She added that Johnny was ‘a lovely guy’ and said his concept of a glamping site using old repurposed vehicles was ‘amazing’ and could have been a ‘powerhouse and gold mine’ if they had it. had found in a “good location”.

She said: “I wish them the best of luck and learning from the experience here and making it the amazing place they want it to be.”

TripAdvisor was filled with reviews of the campground, the majority of which seemed to be high praise.

The program will return for the second series
The program will return for the second series

The farmhouse was designed by comedian and his assistant Bev Dixon as Bev told YorkshireLive: “The vast majority of people had a fantastic time staying on the ‘Field of Dreams’ and even when the weather turned spoiled, guests and vehicles successfully weathered the storms.”

Now the award-winning comedian is expanding his glamping business and will return for a second series of Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping.

Bev added: “We have made the decision to leave Breaks Fold Farm due to logistical and scheduling issues as we look to add more vehicles to the site.

“Johnny and I have been overwhelmed with the support and feedback from people who have stayed on our site and we are almost ready to announce where the new location will be. We hope it will be as popular with people who have stayed on North Yorkshire site and made our stay there truly memorable.”

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