Joe Gresh Wants Out: Santa Fe Vintage Motorcycle Hang Out

Come hang out.

Begin Joe’s ramblings:

A long time ago I wrote a story about a trip across the United States on an old 1971 Yamaha Enduro 360cc motorcycle. It was called Toxic Tour with the subtitle The First Annual Blue Haze Across America Tour. I had big plans to host a two-stroke-only, cross-country motorcycle ride like the Three Flags Tour hosted by the Southern California Motorcycle Association. Editor Brian Catterson’s warning never to call anything “the first annual” until a second happens proved prescient. The second annual Blue Haze Across America tour never happened.

The main reason this never happened is that I don’t know how to organize and plan such a massive undertaking. I guess I thought the event would magically happen because I said the words out loud. Motorcycle events require lots of selfless people working behind the scenes to keep unnecessary talk going. I still like the idea of ​​a pan-American two-stroke motorcycle tour, but someone else will have to make it a reality. Robert Pandya comes to mind as someone who could be successful.

Santa Fe Vintage Motorcycle Hanging Out


Which brings us to the now defunct (hopefully temporary) Motorado Motorcycle Show. The Motorado was a major classic motorcycle show held annually in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Motorado died out in Covid times and despite my best efforts I can’t find any information online about a 2022 show. The Motorado Facebook page responded to my query with “Unfortunately no show this year, missing of interest”. Adding these bits of information together, I suspect there won’t be a Motorado show in 2022.

The thing is, I really enjoyed riding whatever dirt bike I had that would do the 200 miles to Santa Fe. It was always nice and warm in September; a large group of bikers and motorcycle repairmen gathered to discuss bicycles. You can buy an ice-cold beer from the on-site restaurant and sit on a bench watching a Husky 400 or Triumph T160. All those pleasant feelings are gone now.

I admit I’m part of the problem, as I never volunteered to work on the show or even join the Motorado club. I chose all the fun and let others clean up the mess. I miss the Motorado and want something like this to happen again in Santa Fe, so I’m going to make it happen again, even if only on a tiny scale.

Working within my broad boundaries, the first Santa Fe Vintage Motorcycle Hang Out ExhaustNotes Hang Out will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2022. The event will be held at the same mini-mall as previous Motorado shows. The address is 7 Caliente Road near the intersection of Highway 285 and Avenida Vista Grande.

The mall is about one block west of 285 and one block south of Avenida Vista Grande. You can see the mini mall from the intersection. Since it will take me a few hours to get up there, the departure time will be noon. Feel free to get there earlier if you wish; don’t wait for me because my old RD350 may break down on the way north. The show will end when we want to leave. I plan to hang out until 3 p.m. and then head home. I don’t like riding in the dark.

The inaugural Hang Out is free and there are no rules or classes as the show is not organized or judged in any way. It is literally a meeting place. No trophies will be awarded. Try riding an old motorcycle if you can so we have something worth watching. If you have vintage dirt bikes or a non-working street bike trailer, take them.

7 Caliente RdSanta Fe, NM 87508

There is a nice restaurant in the mini mall called Santa Fe Brewing Company. The Brewing Company has good beer and AC so I might hang out there for lunch. For vegans, there is a great bagel/coffee next to the hardware store. At least it was there the last time I visited.

As this is an unorganized and unsponsored event, I have not made any arrangements with the management of the mini mall. There is no special parking lot, but the east side of the mall has a large dirt lot in which no one parks. We could line up the bikes there and be away from normal commerce. Swag, such as t-shirts or caps will not be available, so dress accordingly. I’ll bring ExhaustNotes stickers, but I find it hard to believe anyone would want one when they have no idea what or who ExhaustNotes is. Ask me and I’ll give you one.

Listen, I have no illusions about the success of this event; I expect me to be the only one to introduce myself. I’m ready to sit alone for a few hours and talk to myself about the purple RD350 that I’ll take to 7 Caliente Road. Wes Baca from Albuquerque could do the show on his Kawasaki H2 or his Honda CT70, which will make both of us.

What I really want is the return of the old Motorado show, but until that happens we can go through the stages and enjoy a great day in Santa Fe, New Mexico, chatting and looking at old motorcycles. And it’s a great way to spend a Saturday.

Even if you can’t attend, please share this blog on your social networks. You never know who might be interested and live close enough to send their vintage bike to Santa Fe. When you get there, look for the little old man drinking a beer and sitting alone next to a purple Yamaha RD350. It will be me.

Check out Joe’s original article here.

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