It’s up to the fans to restore sanity to sport


The mad have taken back asylum, and once again it’s up to us, the fans, to restore sanity to the world of sport.

On the back of the failed and wacky European Super League comes another

far-fetched idea; this time to start an Arab Golf Super League.

This is only the visible part of the icebergs.

It started with Formula 1, then heavyweight boxing, UFC, FIFA World Cup hosting rights for god’s sake, tried for ESL and now this.

A bunch of foolish, bored billionaires who want to destroy the world of professional sports.

And the unlimited petrodollars available in this part of the planet mean the power brokers involved have a hell of a ticket to try.

Already, we are told, they have approached people like Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose and Brooks Koepka “guaranteeing them millions of dollars” to get off the ship.

The plan is to catch the top 20 male players and start an exclusive tour competing with the PGA.

Again, these bozos miss the point.

And it is that sport is as much about tradition and history as it is about honest and unpredictable competition. Nothing from this new established audience will ever carry the congratulations on winning a major championship.

Neither now, nor ever, nor ever.

It’s just another insignificant load of artificial bollocks, a whole series of exhibition golf tournaments with nothing but paychecks.

Again, all he needs is a brave soul or two to stand up, say ‘no’ and kill the concept à la ESL.

Rory McIlroy rightly did, calling the concept a “blatant cash grab” and saying that he and most of the other big pros won’t be interested and that “legacy and history” means more to them than money, whatever. what is guaranteed.

Lord, I hope so.

Because, just like the failure of the Super League, it’s anti-sport and no real fan would care.

So come on the other privileged swingers, go out in public and (like Rory) give him big Bryson de Chambeau, or, as we used to say, ‘tell them where to go’.

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