It started with “words”

Did it surprise you when this happened about a week ago? Or did it happen as if the price of gasoline was increasing every day?

No, we are not talking about the price of eggs and milk either. We’re just talking about those hot, humid days the elders expect. So were you, perhaps as a newcomer to Westside territory, surprised when this happened a few weeks before the usual first day of summer?

Such is the weather in our region across the United States. Not this four corners to the west, but the four corners of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma where three of these states meet near Southwest City, Mo.

Have you ever noticed that when you watch the National Weather Channel provide maps of the country, every map that should show this four/three corner area usually doesn’t? Well, actually it’s shown, but most of the time it’s covered with a little box with the words Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and sometimes Wichita plastered over our location. Well, we know we’re going to accept what Mother Nature has for us and adjust accordingly.

End of the story; now it’s set to be a big “C” armband: a conglomerate armband of various subjects that includes the word “Freedom”. Remember? A request for definitions of what Freedom means? I’d bet this quarter or do two — I’ve got two but not a single half; what happened to them? is it because… is it because everyone relates positively to freedom in relation to their desires?

Such is and has been the case in our democratic republic since its inception. Almost, or rather since the beginning, there have been differences, some large and some incredibly huge, which sometimes push the population towards various different and often unreliable results – the most being this huge event to which we refer, the civil war. And the remnants of that time are still felt and questioned, contrasted and often ill-defined. How sad!

How tragic that after a hundred and fifty years we cannot wash the dirt off a brilliant nation of people and then move on to even better times. For me, there is an answer that could have changed our nation from the day and, honestly, just had President Lincoln not been assassinated. The aftermath of that war and the treatment of the South by those not under its leadership could and even would have led to our future. For this old man, this man who pulled the trigger and those who supported him could and could have brought peace to a nation that still suffers.

Unfortunately, it seems that our nation’s leaders now, at least many of them, are so engrossed in lying or treating others as liars and pursue such dark paths, ___________ (you fill in the blank) such as the evil trail that man wants to be another Lenin or Stalin takes his nation.

It’s time to move on to another word in this “C” armband”. How about a word I have spelling problem? Perseverance. Isn’t there an old saying, “Perseverance pays?” no, not a flock, if there’s such a thing as a flock of hummers, it’s a lonely bird taking that sweet water These days There’s only been one bird, but can Maybe that will change and others will be drawn in during the even warmer months, and then there’s always hope for next spring. Time will tell. Perseverance is key.

Let’s join this word with another word that was probably mentioned in the headline some time ago; the word is “replace”. It was mentioned that the bridge north of Decatur is being replaced. Remember that headline in May that simply said, “Decatur Needs to Replace Old Bridges.” It was in May 2019. Perseverance is in place and partially successful. Now, if that other bridge and a passing lane north of Decatur is put up, they’ll give in to that word “perseverance.” How about going a little farther and remembering other route changes or widening or just widening, like that corner where Hwy 72 meets 59 just north of the Main Street in Gravette? You have to attract attention. It will be, and other things needed in 25, 50, or 100 years from now have to be taken into account. So there is another word, “Improve”, combining patience and perseverance.

“Until next time, let’s all get ready for the upcoming events in our region, that 4th of July event in Gentry, the annual barbecue in Decatur and that birthday party in Gravette. There’s always a fourth special event in Sulfur Springs and how about Centerton?

Dodie Evans is the former owner and longtime editor of the Gravette News Herald. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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