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We all know Only fans as one of the most important pornographic platforms on the internet. Specifically, it is an online platform and app created in 2016 so that users can pay for content like videos, photos and live streams through a monthly subscription. The content was mostly composed by YouTubers, models, fitness trainers, content creators and public figures to monetize their professions.

Over the years, it has probably become the most well-known hotbed of pornography on the internet. So it’s pretty hard to believe that they almost banned porn. Why would they even think of making such a gesture? The company said it would no longer allow the posting of “explicit sexual content” in the near future. But the policy was unexpectedly reversed the following week.

Diving into more detail, sex workers have made Only fans into the multibillion-dollar subscription platform it is today. Unsurprisingly, once the news surfaced, many people expressed concern over the proposed change, saying they had never felt such betrayal. After all, these people greatly contribute to the current success of the business, so why the Only fans the application even thinks of expelling them?

OnlyFans App

We had better get anyone into a political debate in this article, so no matter how you feel about it, sex work is a very profitable business.

And it’s easy to see why. Some things will never go away no matter how advanced technology or how the economy changes. People will always be interested in sex. In the age of digital applications, art grows and grows.

Only fans is a digital subscription platform. Their users can follow the creators which gives them access to exclusive content. They will pay a monthly fee or a one-time tip. Only fans only takes twenty percent of the funds.

Only fans is classified as a general purpose application, sex workers have found it particularly useful to sell their photos, videos and conduct personal conversations with clients. Only fans popularity blossomed like fireworks during the pandemic. Currently, they have 1.5 million content creators, 150 million registered users, and $ 5 billion paid to creators annually.

The news

Just at the end of last week, Only fans advised the public that it will ban content that has been advertised, posted or referred to as “sexually explicit content”.

The app was still going to allow everyone to see nudity, but no actual or even simulated sexual activity. The proposed change was due to come into effect on October 1 of this year. Only fans sex workers were forced to find other choices.

Diet change

Even though there was still enough time for the public to be outraged, suddenly Only fans changed his mind.

The company said on Wednesday it had “obtained the assurances necessary to support our diverse community of creators.” They have postponed their plans for the new policy, but there is no indication that the ban will be reinstated.

Why the ban on porn?

Sex workers were among their biggest sources of money, why Only fans even thinking about banning sex workers in the first place?

Well, according to company CEO Tim Stokely, these were “banks” that Stokely insisted not to work with. Only fans because it has a solid reputation as a porn app. But this response gave rise to heated controversy.

Payment processing can be costly for all kinds of web platforms, but adult sites especially struggle at almost every step of the financial ladder. That doesn’t even include the issues that individual sex workers face with banks and payment processors who can then ban even unrelated sex transactions.

A crucial challenge these types of content providers face is an unusually high risk of disputed charges from customers who make a purchase but refuse it out of embarrassment and attempt to get their money back.

Anti-porn activists won big when Pornhub cut Visa and Mastercard payments. Although the decision with the Only fans app has been overthrown, one can’t help but wonder where the future of the company is really headed.


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