Irish designer shares behind-the-scenes photos from The Crown season 5 set in Marbella


Season five of The Crown won’t hit Netflix until November 2022, so the creator got a taste of what fans can expect – and shared all of her snaps!

Irish designer and headband queen Aisling Kavanagh stumbled upon the set of the highly anticipated next season of The Crown while on vacation in Marbella.

The style maven was walking through the city of Marbella when a series of vintage cars caught his eye.

After taking a few photos of the classic vehicles, she realized she had encountered much more than a few fancy cars when she saw employees wearing lanyards and clipboards bearing the title of the Netflix series.

Taking her stories from Instagram, Aisling wrote: “Fans of THE CROWN everyone keep calm I repeat keep calm but I met them filming for season 5 in Marbella and it was so cool to catch a glimpse of it, so let’s enjoy it behind the scenes together.

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“I happened to take pictures of these cool vintage cars. Without thinking about it because there were no barriers at this point or any sign indicating the shoot. “

Aisling said he spotted security guards at the Dolce & Gabbana store in Marbella, but surmised that they were simply store security personnel rather than dealing with cast members.

“After a lot of confusion from all the fuss going on, I spotted the clipboard saying The Crown and the Excitement,” she said.

“That’s all I got sadly because we were all told to put our phones away, but it was so exciting to see and I hope you are as excited as I am after seeing these behind the scenes.”

Season five of The Crown arrives on Netflix in November of next year – check out all of Aisling’s stories on her Instagram here.

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