Instant updates with lots of new features: enthusiastic users


After a while, Snapshot is updated with some great news and prepares to challenge big giants like Instagram and Dictok

Super update ready for snapshot (Getty Images)

Until a few years ago Instantaneous It was a point of reference in the world of social networks. The concept of the stories we know today Instagram Before the giant of Zuckerberg, it started from here Brought the idea to his site.

In the age of success and content and explosion Dictoc, Know what snapshot developers need to beat the old ones. For this reason, in this case Snap 2021 Partner Summit, Has been reported Some great news It will be part of the social network in the coming days.

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Snapshot, here are all the news

Here’s all the important news coming to the platform (Getty Images)

When Snap 2021 Partner Summit, The site developers have announced all the new features that will soon be introduced on the platform. It starts Radiation, A feature already exists, but is being changed depending on the interface and tools. It will be deposited Directly on the home page, Everyone knows more. By scanning any object, artificial intelligence will now provide Buying tips and recipes (In the case of food).

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Another important change is worry Photo tool, Which should be even brighter with many new Shooting methods and sound recordings. This way the site developers will know that taking photos and recording videos will be even easier and with spectacular effects. For all other news, we have to wait Official release of the update.

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