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Last name: Instagram for kids.

Age: That is the question. How old are you? Old enough to read those passnotes, I hope.

Appearance: Without advertising, in case we corrupt the young.

What do you consist of? Well it was revealed in March that Facebook was developing an Instagram service for children. Right now, people under 13 aren’t supposed to use the photo sharing app, although many are lying about their age to do so. Now Facebook wants to create a specially designed Instagram site for kids that they can legally use.

It seems doubtful. American lawmakers certainly think so. Monday, attorneys general across the country wrote to Mark Zuckerberg demanding that he abandon the plan.

Their reasons? “The use of social media can be detrimental to the health and well-being of children, who are not equipped to meet the challenges of setting up a social media account. Additionally, Facebook has historically failed to protect the well-being of children on its platforms. They reflect the concerns of child safety experts, who are concerned about bodily humiliation, cyberbullying, and possible sexual grooming.

How did Facebook respond? He argues that it is better to have dedicated spaces for children to prevent them from lying to access adult sites where there is no parental supervision. “We want to improve this situation by providing experiences that give parents visibility and control over what their children are doing,” he says.

It’s one way of looking at it. Unfortunately, another of its platforms aimed at young users, Messenger children, which was put together with a similar logic, proved porous for outsiders via group chats. Facebook says it has now fixed the problem.

If it’s fixed, it’s fixed. There is a larger problem. Kids experts say kids over 11 won’t want “Babyish” site designed for seven-year-olds. They will continue to lie about their age and stick with the “adult” site, while seven-year-olds using the new one will inevitably be exposed to social media pressures. Critics point out YouTube Kids, who, although ad-free (as Instagram will be for kids), they say has used product placement to influence younger users. (YouTube says its creators are urged to disclose such a location.)

Where will it all end? It depends on how far Facebook wants to push it. Having initially said that he considered Instagram for Kids to be a “priority”and by engaging the brains behind YouTube Kids to launch it, the company is now emollient. “Any experience we develop must prioritize security and privacy, and we will consult with child development experts. We also look forward to working with lawmakers and regulators, including the attorneys general of the nation. “

Not to be confused with: A childhood spent playing Poohsticks, laying jumpers for goalposts, bouncing off a space hopper or riding a Raleigh Chopper. All of these activities are very unhealthy, even dangerous.

Say: “The key to all of this is Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. “

Do not say: “Let’s get Nick Clegg to discuss the subject.”

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