Hunt goes hookless with two new gravel racing wheelsets

British wheel brand Hunt now offer a sizable range of wheels, encompassing road, through CX and gravel to MTB, but they are now releasing a race specific wheelset for their range. of gravel to complement the generalist Carbon Gravel and the racy high-end Limitless Gravel.

As gravel racing evolves into a separate discipline away from general gravel riding and bikepacking, brands have caught up to offer options to meet the performance needs of the most demanding races like Unbound. The new 40 Carbon Gravel Race and 25 Carbon Gravel Race bring aero advantages at a lower price, as well as hookless rims. Are these on our list of the best gravel wheelsets? Only time and extensive testing will tell, but for now we can let you know the details.

the rear triangle of a gravel bike in the desert

40mm deep aero option is wide enough to accommodate modern tire widths (Image credit: Hunt)

What’s new?

The biggest talking point is the fact that the rims, both 25mm and 40mm deep options, have gone hookless. The brand has dabbled in hookless rims on the road before, but returned to hook in 2018 to allow customers to use a wider range of tyres. Now that, especially in gravel, the range of available hookless tires is no longer a drawback, Hunt has a second hookless stab and notes that the rims can be made stronger, around 15g lighter and more aerodynamic too.

The 40mm option features a 30mm wide exterior and 25mm internal width, making it a bit narrower and a little shallower than the top-end 42 Limitless Gravel wheelset. The 25mm option is slightly wider at 33mm external and 26mm internal, and its depth would suggest it as the climbing wheel of the two, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true.

The fact that the 25 is 3mm wider on the outside and only 1mm on the inside leads to the conclusion that it has thicker sidewalls, at least at the tyre-rim interface, up to 1mm. . Hunt notes that this rim is designed more with crashworthiness and compliance in mind than the 40’s aero efficiency. mm, it weighs only three grams less (1383 g against 1380 g). The tougher ambitions of the 25 are also specified in the recommended tire widths: 35-65 mm, against 28-65 mm for the 40.

Apart from the rim differences, these wheelsets are apparently the same, sharing Hunt Sprint SL 7.5 hubs, center lock disc layout and Pillar PSR XTRA spokes, so it really is a case to choose your weapon. There is also no 650b layout, as is becoming increasingly common.

A turquoise fork and a black wheel

The shallower 25mm option seems to be built a bit sturdier than the 40, with thicker sidewalls (Image credit: Hunt)

Price and availability

Both are available now for pre-order, with 40 expected in the third week of August and 25 expected in the second week of July. The 40 will set you back £899 (around $1,125) and the £25,879 (around $1,100). Head to Hunt for more.

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