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Guest User is a very useful Mac feature that creates a temporary session on the device without showing any data or files previously saved by the primary user i.e. the owner of the computer.

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Although using the guest user on Mac has limited experience, it is the best alternative for people who share the computer in a home or office environment. After all, you don’t need to password protect your files or log out of social media because no one will have access to the information.

Using this feature, a session starts completely from scratch, as if macOS had just been installed. During use, files can be downloaded and viewed, but software installation without permission is prohibited. After the end of the query, just log out, all files are automatically deleted.

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Check below how to allow guest user on Mac to share your computer in a more secure and private way.

Step 1:

Open the System Preferences app. You can do this by going to the Apple menu  at the top of the screen and clicking on “System Preferences…”.

Open the System Profiler Preferences application – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

2nd step:

enter the “Users and Groups” section. Then unlock the padlock at the bottom of the window.

Unlock the padlock to make adjustments in the section – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

Step 3:

In the left corner of the window, click on “Guest user” and activate the option “Allow guests to connect to this computer”.

Activate guest user session on Mac – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

Below, some options can be managed to allow you to adjust the use of “Guest User”. To prohibit visiting pornographic sites, select the option “Limit adult sites”. Then you can allow sharing of a guest folder with your user.

Adjust other parameters for the Guest User session – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech) You can uncheck the option “Allow guests to connect to this computer” whenever you want to disable access for guest users. Easy, isn’t it?

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